GamePro reviews Lost Odyssey

Ultimately, whether or not Lost Odyssey is worth your time and money comes down to how absorbed in the broad strokes of this world you'll let your own imagination become, and whether you're willing to make the emotional investment asked of you. Ordinary suspension of disbelief simply won't cut it in the face of such overt melodrama and strained gameplay, especially when the optional moments that lie outside of the plodding main narrative deliver the lion's share of impact with words in place of pyrotechnics.

Enjoying this epic takes actual work, and that's bound to turn many otherwise devoted fans of the genre off. If you find yourself bristling any time a game casts you in the role of passive observer for extended periods of time, and yearn for an adventure that gives you rich freedom and control, you'll be sorely disappointed by the broad but shallow possibilities in Lost Odyssey. On the other hand, if you're willing to throw yourself into Kaim's world, sponging up every last detail of his past, present, and future, you'll come away with some haunting memories as well as the sensation that you just experienced something that was as satisfying as it was frustrating.

Review by Cameron Lewis

Graphics: 4.25
Sound: 3.75
Control: 3.50
Fun Factor: 3.25

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expect much from this game anyway. Still average fun game though.

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