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darthv722045d ago

at determining the message in trailers. From what i can deduce, he was taken as a child and replaced with someone else. He made it through the spartan program where others did not.

They put him together in a sort of darth vader meets iron man fashion. But inside, he is still human. Now as for the enemy...are they human as well?

Meaning from the exposed skull scream scene it appears they are a more evolved human skeletal design. I hope this new series touches on all questions we have had since landing on the beach in the 1st halo.

Can't wait.

Irishguy952045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Yes Darth, they kidnapped a few hundred 'special' children . Children that seem Naturally superior to others(tall, strong, smart etc). Started training them to be soliders. Sent them on missions again crime syndicates and smugglers etc. Then they started using the Spartan program drugs on them. Further enhancing abilities by quite alot(Improving bone strength, improving reflexes and that sort of stuff), except over half of them died from failing to combine with the drugs. Master chief is assigned leader of the Spartan teams. Covenant invades Human planets. Spartans used to fight them. Spartan armor was created which improves Strength by alot, reflexes again by alot, defense(has covenant inspired Shield) and Cortana helps him react to things, only Spartans can use this armor because it's strength improvements are too much for a normal human, causing them to break their owns arms etc, Chief tests it on Reach along with Cortana for the first time, Reach gets invaded, Chief helps a bit before going into Cryo sleep, Remaining Spartans die defending Reach. Chief and pillar of Autumn retreat by Following a covenant Ship, which in turn finds the first Halo.

Should read Fall of reach. I thought it'd be ****, but it ain't. Good book

Sarcasm2045d ago

Wow... Way to go 343 Industries. Looks great

CraigandDayDay2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Why the live action mixed with actual gameplay, instead of just straight actual game cutscenes and gameplay? Live action makes everyone's expectations for graphics go through the roof. lol I do hope the Xbox 720/PS4 will look like that beach scene though. :)

Looks great though. Will be interesting to see Halo 5 on the 720.

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vishant1012045d ago

I like how they didn't show the chiefs adult face

DeadlyFire2045d ago

Apparently his name is John though. John Chief I will call him now. :P

Most of my time with Halo 4 will be for the MP so I don't care much for Single player, but its interesting seeing some new faces to battle with new tactics.

kingdavid2045d ago

It was always known his name was john..

darthv722045d ago

he is spartan 117. John, the master chief (rank).

I dont think we knew of his last name. Perhaps throughout the new series we will come to find that out. Then again, that could be something better left to the imagination.

Knight_Crawler2045d ago

@ Darth I think Bungie was asked that question and they said his full is John Doe...I know they were just joking but would be funny if it really was : )

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mcstorm2045d ago

I agree I cant wait for this game. This looks like it could be the best Halo game even beating the 1st.

I also want to see a halo film as little clips like this keep showing what a film could be like and I think this is one game that would work as a film.

cl19832045d ago

Watch district 9 then envision it with 6 times the budget.

Jazz41082045d ago

Watch the machinima prime web series Forward until dawn. Its a big buget series of halo funded by microsoft and its very good.

Grap2045d ago

the Trailer lack of music. if only there's good soundtrack with the trailer it would be totally badass

Muffins12232045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Ya...compared to the other live action trailers,it was a lack of music.But is was overall one of the best ones if you ask me :)

otherZinc2045d ago


Now,,,This Is BaddAss!

Anon19742045d ago

That was excellent. I think this is one of my top videogame ads ever, up there with the Halo Believe ads, the Gears: Mad World and and Michael.

And it helped me feel pumped for Halo 4. Reach was such a huge disappointment for me story wise (as in there were no characters and story to speak of) and my expectations for Halo 4 were pretty tempered considering how much of a let down Reach was, but this just reminded me of how much I've enjoyed the story and character over the years.

Aint It Cool news has a nice write up about this ad which was apparently produced by David Fincher. Makes you long for a properly done videogame movie, doesn't it?

darthv722045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

it is a very good advert. Regardless of it not being game engine based it is still quite good. My all time favorite of the Halo trailers/ads has to be Halo 2. When you see chief walking the hall of the ship, grabs a rifle and steps into the lift. All the while you hear chatter between ground force commander and drop ship admiral.

The single moment that makes it great...when he steps into the hangar and the music just is this orchestric flow which then slows to mellow tone as he looks out the hangar window.

the whole "what if you miss?" "I won't" and it just hits home the scale of the game with him falling to the covenant ship below.

Yeah, i know it didn't EXACTLY play out that way in the game. But it made for a kick ass trailer.

The one for Halo 3 is also very good. The scene of him standing on the cliffside where the covenant ships pass over so fast and the way the music and sound depict that moment. "This is the way the world ends" and then that orchestric music. simply breath taking.

Even if people dont like the games, the trailers really are something to behold. it has to be the music. It sets the tone perfectly.

Syntax-Error2045d ago

I haven't said that about Halo since Halo 2. 343 has taken this game and made it their own. They pretty much said F-ck you Bungie, this is what you should've done all along. Treyarch said the same thing to Infinity Ward.


nicely said. I think bungie just got lazy with 3- 3 years in development after Halo 2 saying from their vidocs that they were pushing the hardware to its limits and ending with a FU* to Microsoft with ODST and Reach.
And i think 343 slid into the halo cookie and filled her rather nicely.
343 has worked that console in ways bungie never could even if H4 is based of Reach engine

Knight_Crawler2045d ago

This trailer is almost as EPIC as this movie.

darthv722045d ago

was worth every minute.

Munky2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

1:22-1:35 =

One example out of many why Halo is so awesome. There is so much material to draw from, the games show a very small portion of what is goin on in the universe.

*Edit* The piece is called "Awakening" by Eddie Smith.

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aviator1892045d ago

The ending battle scene was awesome. Now, if there was to be any Halo movie starring the chief, I'd want it to look like that.

bubblebeam2045d ago

Agreed. Although, I watched part 1 and part 2 of Forward Unto Dawn off Waypoint last night, and I thought it was awesome.

Halo could so do a movie right, as Forward Unto Dawn proves it (so far). It comes with the Limited Edition as well (I'm 99% sure). When I was a kid, I never got this excited for Christmas, and here I am now as an adult giggling with excitement over Halo 4. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Septic2045d ago

Yeah the FUD episodes do come with the Limited Edition.

I understand your excitement- I've got a whatsapp group going on with my mates and we're all counting down the days...sad I know but, hey, this is Halo we're talking about!

CoLD FiRE2045d ago

Watch part 3 of FUD it's awesome multiplied by 117! Much better than the first two episodes.

bubblebeam2044d ago


Yep, watched it last night. My heart was racing the entire time (you know when). So freakin awesome, I hope this inspires other publishers to put faith in a movie for their game.

MerkinMax2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

DAT DIDACT! Can't wait for his reveal in game, better be badass.

Septic2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Yeah man, the image I have of the Didact is of a real badass. And its crazy, to think that, if you have read Cryptum *spoiler alert*(deleted)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh...........*noseb leed* Can't wait!

MerkinMax2045d ago

According to Amazon's description of Silentium, the Ur-Didact is still alive, but he was abandoned in a flood infested system by Faber. That book is going to be great!

Septic2045d ago

What?! *Mind....blown*!

If he's still alive...and Bornstellar is!

I can't wait for that book! Can you imagine the gameplay implications?! What about the Librarian? She's can have a menagé trois with the same person?!

My face right now: O____O

Sovereign592045d ago

It was good, but I was a bit underwhelmed. I prefer the Deliver Hope trailer that went along with Reach. That's just my opinion though, and it's good to see most people seem to be enjoying this trailer.
Regardless of trailer quality, I foresee myself enjoying Halo 4 much more than I did Reach. November 6th can't get here soon enough, luckily Assassin's Creed III should make the final week before launch get here seemingly quickly.

Hufandpuf2045d ago

i agree, the trailer was good looking, but i was looking for the more somber approach or at least more wide in scope. I thought that the inclusion of a little ambush on the bridge is not what M Chief would have remembered before getting confronted by the main enemy. Every thing else was good though.

aviator1892045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Perhaps that particular ambush is where the chief himself got captured and was the last thing he remembered before being knocked out, hence why it's so visually embedded into his memories?

I mentioned nothing about the quality of the trailer to my reply, just the ambush segment in relation to his memories. I don't know why you talk about general consensus given to the trailer by other websites.

Hufandpuf2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )


I doubt the chief would so foolishly get captured by that one enemy.

I've looked at other sites and the consensus is that the previous trailers were better because of the emotional toll they had. I'm not saying the trailer was bad, just that it wasn't as cohesive as the previous ones.

Sovereign592045d ago

Perhaps I interpreted it incorrectly, but it seemed to me as though The Didact was viewing the memories of Chief. Did anyone else get that impression?

lastofgen2045d ago

the chief got knocked down by a blast, got smashed against the rocks, and the knight was obviously overpowering him in the ambush.
Why wouldn't it be logical to think that the chief got captured at that moment?
Perhaps as the knight was pinning him down, the didact or other knights appeared and aided the other knight.

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lastofgen2045d ago

Awesome trailer.
I wish david fincher and miller made a movie together.