38 Studios assets sold off for $180K

Assets belonging to defunct Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning developer 38 Studios have brought in around US$180,000 in the first of three auctions held near Baltimore. The sale, held on October 16th, auctioned off around 950 items, including office furniture, computers, gaming consoles, TVs and other bits and pieces that formerly belonged to 38 subsidiary Big Huge Games.

The item with the highest price tag? A "video animation suit" that went for US$9,500.

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Grap2072d ago

don't u ever get loan from US gov

InTheLab2071d ago

Don't ever get a loan which requires you to hire 200 people that you don't need.

DragonKnight2072d ago

So who bought the Kingdoms of Amalur IP?

wnek92071d ago

in 3 months when the ip and the unfinished mmo are sold I bet EA will buy it EA did say they want to make a sequel they just need the ip.

fOrlOnhOpe572071d ago

Tragic ending to a tragic story. Just how the hell did 38 studios manage to blow, what was it, 120 million?