Intel Chip Switches Between Wi-Fi, WiMax Networks

EE Times writes:

"Intel on Monday demonstrated technology that could make it possible someday for a mobile Internet device to switch between a Wi-Fi and a WiMax network without any disruption in service.
The technology, unveiled at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, stems from a research partnership between Intel, handset maker Nokia, and Nokia Siemens Networks. The last is a network communications company formed in 2006 with Nokia's former Network Business Group and the carrier-related businesses of Siemens.

The idea behind the research is to develop technology that would enable a mobile Internet device to switch between networks as a person moved throughout a city or town. To be practical, the technology would have to make the handover without disrupting service, so a person could continue listening to Internet radio or watching online video."

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Joey Gladstone3723d ago

....I think the WiFi vs. WiMax stats can speak for themselves
....."The JOEY has Spoken"