GameOn Podcast – Episode 29 | GameNTrain

This is the third week of The Month of Music here at GameOn! Here's what you can expect in this exciting episode:

- We go through GameNTrain’s choices of some of the top songs of all time, with our focus this week on the Nintendo Years! You don't want to miss some of our 8-Bit Wonders, either!

- We’re joined by Aaron Burke of the Minibosses. Aaron talks about what led to the formation of the Minibosses and his thoughts on the influence his band has had on other video game rock bands.

- We’re also joined by Raychul Moore, a full-time video game correspondant! Raychul talks about what led to her choosing video game journalism as a career and some of her more memorable events she’s covered over the years!

- We also take a look at Minecraft for the XBox 360. Recently, Minecraft received Update 1.8.2 on the XBox 360, making for some great additions to the game.

- As always, we have our feature Fighting for Fitness with our wonderful host, Jeff Johnson!

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peterthomas62010d ago

Thank you! I'll pass the compliments on to our man, Jeff J. who really heads up this front with flying colors. He's more than we could have ever asked for!