Music-Inspired Hannah Montana Video Games Planned For Spring

Hannah Montana, the Original Disney Channel Series that launched in 2006, has been viewed in more than 23 million homes across Europe. The second season of Hannah Montana launched on Disney Channels this past summer and aired on terrestrial/FTA channels in Italy, Germany, France and UK in Autumn/Winter 2007. Hannah Montana mania is gaining momentum across Europe, and Disney Interactive Studios will launch two new innovative music-based titles inspired by the popular series.

Hannah Montana: Music Jam on Nintendo DS and Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour on the Wii home video game system will launch on 25th April 2008. Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour PlayStation® 2 version will launch in Autumn 2008.

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nix3723d ago

i used to watch this too...

billy ray cyrus was a surprise deal. q:

sak5003723d ago

Never heard of this hannah montana before couple of days back. Thought was a race driver.

beavis4play3723d ago

whoever put this story up should be forced to play every hannah montana game nonstop for 1 week as punishment.

I Call 9MM3723d ago

For your sake I hope your not 30, because she is only like 15 or 16, lol.