Patch Notes for Pirates of the Burning Sea Build

Differences between and include but aren't limited to: Character Creation / Customization:

• Some combinations of items and colors in character creation had a bug that prevented you from starting to play. When this happened, the game displayed a message box reading "Error_Generic". We have fixed the issues that caused this error and also changed the error to say something helpful should it happen again.
• The front of Female Vest (Merchant) is no longer invisible.
• Fixed LOD problems with the Female Coat (Elegant) and Female Vest (Frilled).
• Fixed males going bald in places at some LODs.
• Fixed several places where the wrong vests or shirts were coupled with certain coats and such.
Ships / Combat:

• Many players have not realized that some of your cargo is lost when you sink. This is because we never told them, so we've made some UI changes to make it clearer that unsecured cargo is lost when you sink. We added an explanation to the tooltips of these items, and also an overlay to their icons that, when you hover over it, gives a further explanation of unsecured cargo.
• Ship tuning: Added a small amount of target tracking to light guns.
• Ship tuning: Made small adjustments to target tracking, mainly on the mid to upper range ships. Most noticeable on the Raa.
• Ship tuning: Added a bit of max range accuracy to all guns
• Ship tuning: Added a small amount of mid-range accuracy to mid-heavy guns

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