Victim: $54 million Best Buy lawsuit stupid, but necessary

$54 million is what Raelyn Campbell wants out of Best Buy for her missing laptop, personal data, and her time. The Washington, DC, resident filed a lawsuit against the company after Best Buy allegedly lied to her for months at a time about the status of her machine, then offered her an insultingly low compensation once it acknowledged the loss. Campbell even says that she knows $54 million is outrageous, but it's apparently the only way to get media attention and put enough pressure on Best Buy to do the right thing.

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OpiZA3785d ago

It's also a great way of getting stinking rich quickly without earning it.

But hey, I'd ask for 54 mil too ;)

Tempist3785d ago

Remember kids, when sending in your laptop for repairs, back up and always pull the hard drive. Don't give them things you'd rather not lose.

Killfooler3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

When you sign your computer off at Best Buy, the disclaimer clearly states that BB can't be held responsible for lost data (such as photos, etc.) The problem is that they LOST a machine with sensitive data on it (Tax Returns and SSN's) and didn't REPORT it like they are required to do by law. That's why she's able to ask for such an exhorbitant amount of money. Good for her. Shame on BB for lying and trying to sweep it under the rug.

Now that I think about it... if this EVER happens to you, just say "I had tax stuff on that machine" and you TOO could sue and probably get paid a pretty penny for something they couldn't prove (if it was indeed "lost".)

v1c1ous3785d ago

the quick way to solve everyone's problems after you start them

Silellak3785d ago

The best part is that she had the Best Buy Extended Warranty garbage on it.

Guess it goes to show you just how useful those are.

eddierivera3785d ago

im so glad, bestbuy has the worst customer support in the world. They screwed me out a couple of hudred bucks myself,,, not to mention all of the wasted life i spent on the phone with them,,, i hope she gets all 54 mil.

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The story is too old to be commented.