"Unique" Nintendo DS Spore dated, Wii version detailed

It seems like Will Wright and Maxis' Spore has been in development forever, but after a number of delays and dodging of the questions regarding a release date, publisher Elecronic Arts has finally confirmed in a press release that the title will be arriving worldwide on the Nintendo DS this coming September 07. Worryingly, there was no mention of the Nintendo Wii version in the latest official detailing, but a recent interview with Wright reassures us that it is still in the pipeline.

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wiizy3593d ago

hope the wii version comes out this year

Reggie Fils- Aime3593d ago

Nintendo always delivers

have no fear that the superior Wii version of Spore will be out this year for Wii gamers to enjoy

Reggie Fils- Aime3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

another great game to add to the Wii's incredible line-up

the POS3 and Crapbox 3fixme will not be getting this game

while the incredible DS and majestic Wii will


obviously you haven't played games of such high caliber as Mario Galaxy (GOTY) and No More Heroes- you are missing out

BubblesDAVERAGE3593d ago

I cant believe you guys exist playing games like wii fit you guys just seem like a joke to me..

Kaz Hirai3593d ago

But we have to remember, the Nintendo GEESE have nothing better to play!


bootsielon3593d ago

With no brains and muscles on the hardware (on a metaphorical sense if you don't get it), that'll be impossible. The only way for this game to live up to its name is if it gets released for 360 and PS3. With the computational power of these machines, especially PS3 but 360 isn't too faraway, the game can be optimized to run at its best, and with achievements/trophies, there's no better way to enjoy it. The fact that both consoles sport a great online community will aid to the awesome feature of online content, which would be impossible on the DS, and really hard with Wii's "friend codes".

It seriously baffles me that Wii and DS are getting this game before PS3 and 360 when you can accurately simulate the game on these too.

Eretik3592d ago

Wii has more than enough horsepower,

bootsielon3593d ago

Seriously, to the first poster, were you born yesterday retard? Hardcore gamers are sick of Mario, we don't buy games solely based on how they "scored" on metacritic, they are OLD IP for children.

Intrepid3593d ago

First off, I'm offended that you used the word 'retard.' That's not something to make fun of.

Secondly, if you don't think Galaxy is an absolutely awesome game, than you're blinded by denial. And I highly doubt that a child would ever be able to complete that game. If you're ignorance stops you from playing a game because it doesn't look realistic, than I pity you.