Nyko to release new Zero controller for PS3 with rumble and motion sensing

Nyko has announced that a new version of its 'Zero' controller is set to hit the PS3 complete with rumble and motion sensing capabilities. They are marketing it as the first ever controller to offer the best of both worlds and it is due to be released in March 2008.

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Violater3690d ago

is there a free in home 30 day trial?

no I'm not joking.

ok i am

Ri0tSquad3690d ago

Its very uncomfortable, the buttons are too small, feels cheap, triggers suck, annoying blinking light (home button) which is constantly blinking, and the dpad is worse the 360's.

mighty_douche3690d ago

D-pad worse than the 360's?? must be bad!

LevDog3690d ago

pointless.. Nyko just needs to stop.. Thier only worth buying thing is thier 4 controller charger. .and the only reason its worth buying cause it doesnt take up a usb port.. Nyko is cheaper than ps3 made products.. but you get what you pay for.. The Dual Shock 3 is coming soon and its usuually a lil more expensive but at least it matches all your other controllers and doesnt look like a sore cheap thumb

Jamegohanssj53690d ago

I really like the design, but a lot of people say Nyko isn't well at making these things.

Reggie Fils- Aime3690d ago

who cares about anything that the POS3 or Xcrap 3fixme release

the Wii is the future people- Sony and M$ are just going to scam you over and over again while Nintendo gives you what you want- which is great, fun games

BubblesDAVERAGE3690d ago

I haven't seen one of those on this site in a long time theres a general respect for Nintendo but overall the wii is not next gen at all...and it does not suite true gamers but if you think it is thats your idea of a good system then ill stay with the ps3 and 360...

spectyre3690d ago

a new term for Nintendo's fanboys, thanks to your inspiration.

Henceforth, all Nintendo fanboys shall be known as Wii-nies.
So let it be written, so let it be done.

Fat Bastard3690d ago

Wii-nies. I love it, that's just freakin hilarious. As far as "the best of both worlds goes" I have a nice white dualshock 3 from Japan that is way better than this third party junk. It looks kind of dumb too.

snoopgg3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

If anyone is getting scammed this generation, it is you my friend. The wi is scamming you and you don't even know it. First, it is no where near next gen with graphics on par with last generation. Secondly the lackluster softwhere lineup nintendo has going right now is a laugh. Last but not least, nintendos online is also a joke.If you like that underwelming, machine then more power to you, but no hardcore gamer is going to choose the wi over the other two next gen consoles. If anyone is losing out, it is you, don't be scammed by nintendo, jump on board with a ps3 or 360, you won't be disappointed.

IzKyD13313690d ago

the wii is fun and all if you like swinging your hand back and forth, but in terms of power, it barely outmatches a blender

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eddierivera3690d ago

I was just talking to my friend about how crappy the ps3 controllers are, I spend like 50 bucks every 2 months for one cause the analogs are fragile. It sucks cause i play alot of call of duty and when it really affects my aiming, specially when im sniping.

It says its got rumble with back lit lights? thats just sic dude,, my girl is always like,, what buttons square? now she can just take a second and look down,, sweetness,,,

The design looks good too,,, im not too flashy so i dont care about the dumb color scheme it has, but it looks like i might have a comfortable handle on the controler,, it would be so nice if they would put the trigger button on the R2 button, cause racing in burnout would be so much nicer.

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