Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive for US $119.99, HD DVD Movies Half Off

Qj: These discounts come soon after the announcement that Netflix and Best Buy will be joining the Blu-ray camp. This is not to say that the two instances are related, but it's an awfully strange coincidence if they aren't.

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pwnsause3757d ago

its not called a deal, its called a firesale.

sonarus3757d ago

haha gotta love xbox360fanboy. Now is a nice time to stock up on hd-dvd titles. Amazon had to do their best to clear their stock lol

BigBoy20003757d ago

They're just trying to save themselves from having any deadweight inventory when the HD-DVD camp eventually admits defeat. In most places this kind of thing is called "clearance."

Sony sucks balls3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

The Xbox 360 iS the premier console on the market with the BEST games out for it by far. All of the Sony slaves you shall be set free soon my mindless spineless children. JUMP IN

raub3757d ago

is no one going to report "sony sucks balls" i thought that was the whole point of separating these freaking comment sections

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Bill Gates3757d ago

Get them while they're still hot BABOONS....AHAAHHAHHAHA

Dlacy13g3757d ago

What this amounts to is...a great opportunity for anyone who has an HD-DVD player to get some killer deals on HD-DVD movies.

Dlacy13g3757d ago

$125 gets you one HD-DVD player & 6 free movies (via the mail in rebate..) and then all the HD-DVD movies at 50% off... seems pretty decent enough to warrant buying. Who cares if its a dying basically are getting the player free w/ the value of the mail in offer. And then just build out your hi-def library still can be a blu-ray supporter long term but why not get whatever movies you can for cheap vs paying $30-$40 for a blu-ray version?

cmrbe3757d ago

The problem is when the HD-DVD group concedes defeat this year you will be left with HD and SW that will no longer be supported. Which means you can't sell it, cant use the disc in another High-def player(Blu).I think most people would not prefer to hook up their obsolete HD-dvd player every time they want to watch HD-DVD movies when their are Blu versions.

Dlacy13g3757d ago

Certainly if you had to Hook-up your HD-DVD player EVERY time you wanted to use it would suck and so NOT be worth it given the majority of your high-def library in the future would be on blu-ray.

BUT.... We are not talking about a real stand alone HD-DVD player are we? No, this is the HD-DVD add-on to the 360. This unit is a simple USB plug-in into the 360. You wouldnt have to be hooking it up everytime, etc. Its small enough that you can most likely find space for it next to the 360 somewhere in your set up. So really its a moot point of having to move it around, etc. It simply would just be use when you wanted to watch an HD-DVD.

And still could have your Blu Ray. Just now you can add in a ton of High Def movies for cheap. It just makes sense if you are a movie buff and a 360 owner.

cmrbe3757d ago

but my point is the inconvenience of having two different players for High def movies. For example. People i know would rather have 1 high def player to play all their High def movies instead of 2.With one for HD-DVD dics bought when HD-DVD was around and one for Blu-ray collection. Its an inconvenience most people i believe don't like.

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actas1233757d ago

Didn't Amazon have this thing for 80 bucks last week.
Anyhow, who likes to hear a good story about a bridge? .. just kiddin, but seriously this format is dead, get over it Toshiba.

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