Nintendo Power March 08 Issue Reviews

From Wii Live Editor Durffen...

"Since there are alot of people who don't subscribe to Nintendo Power, I just thought I would start posting some of the stuff everyone is missing out on. I'm gonna try to start doing this with most issues, but I don't want NP getting angry at me for posting all the stuff from there magazine on the internet."

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DanteLinkX3691d ago

Yes, as close to perfection as it gets, I am already playing the jap version and I can say this games does deserve 10/10. No more heroes is more than an 8 before my eyes. It was an amazing game.

desolationstorm3691d ago

Im happyt hat smash got a 10 and NMH got an 8. I love NMH but I would far call it a perfect game. I like the cinmatic game style and how many improvments there are possible in the game. Though I would highly reccomend it to any wii owner thats looking for violence or just a enjoyable fihgter.

Bosses are awesome, but some have their cheap moves.