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The revamped PlayStation Store looks gorgeous... but so what?

Gamasutra: "The new PlayStation Store rolled out in select regions yesterday across PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, with a clear focus on giving other entertainment outlets such as film and TV as much attention as video game downloads." (PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Tag Invalid)

GribbleGrunger  +   1049d ago
So what?

The new store looks great, with a slick interface and easier navigation. Clearly Sony has worked hard to make it as user friendly as possible and has promised to change things in accordance with user needs and requests. I can't see what more myself or anyone else could ask for.

I love the new 'metro-esque' design too. It brings the offerings to life with some very nice parallax scrolling effects and relevant backdrop artwork. One thing I loved above all else though was the fact everything pertaining to a particular games was in one place, making DLC, Themes, deals and Avatars easily accessible. All in all a fluid and rewarding experience, and one I'm sure to enjoy more than the old store, where finding things became something of a lottery.

I wasn't too keen on the new search function when I saw it in videos, but after my short but sweet hands on with it, I think it's actually better and quicker than the search before.

It is a pity that it had teething problems, but I'm sure these little hiccups will be ironed out quickly. Loading times will improve once everyone has downloaded it and cached most of the frequently accessed pages and features.

We can only speculate on what it will eventually offer over time, but with the acquisition of Gaikai and the store being more browser based, one can only assume that Gaikai will feature more in the future. Perhaps demos could be streamed real time instead of having to download them and I'd suggest the 12GB PS3 is an indication that this is a big possibility.

Full PC games? You never know.
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Baka-akaB  +   1049d ago
Dont bother , we'd have soon a "when is sony going to revamp its store interface" titled article instead , had this change not been happening already
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ShadowKingx  +   1049d ago
Full Games i don’t think will see those streamed, but demos i can see of course i would also think there would be a GB limit possibly. i have not seen the Ps store but after seeing some screenshots of it. looks really great
doogiebear  +   1048d ago
I have to [respectfully] disagree. I dont think sony spent all that money acquiring Gaikai just to make demo's on cloud. Granted, yes, that is what Gaikai used to do, so that may mean that theres a limit on what they can stream without getting noticable lag, but I think sony will aim higher than just doing demo's. Not quite full ps3 games, but better than demo's. Possibly psn games. Either way, speculation is becoming increasingly meaningless at this point, because Gaikai's new website already teases new games like Metal Gear Rising Reveangance (which would be mean to tease a mere demo for it only). I dont think that keeping cloud servers running 24/7 is cost efficient for free demo's (and no one would pay a subscription for demo's), when I could simply download it (even if it is long and boring wait and hd memory consuming)
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007Bond  +   1049d ago
Guys it's just a freaking game system! No need to go on the offense every little article you don't agree with about your preferred console that you all probably had no involvement in making. Jeez people these days
GribbleGrunger  +   1049d ago
Rectifying an inflammatory headline isn't taking offence, it's redressing the balance and offering the truth. We have just as much right to do that as someone has the right to write these articles... I'd say more so considering we are many and the writer is one. If the many are happy then they're bound to point that out.

Are you suggesting that we should let these articles go unchallenged and so create misconception and bias? Nintendo fans have a right to complain about all the negative articles, Sony fans have a right to complain about all the negative articles and 360 fans have a right to complain about the negative article.
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darx  +   1048d ago
Seriously! Whining over the PS store interface..
medziarz  +   1047d ago
The Collections tab is a strange one, bringing together multiple games under one banner, such as Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, and FIFA. While it seems useful at first, it does make you wonder how Sony chose which third-party franchises will receive collections. Did EA pay for the FIFA Collection, for example? Plus, many of the featured games simply tell you they are only available at retail, which isn't exactly the most useful information in a digital store.

The author of this rant is stupid and his opinions have no merit :D
The last thing mentioned in the above quote is actually brilliant, I wasn't expecting Sony to come up with that, they're not the smartest company :D
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DOMination-  +   1049d ago
Good work Sony. Now kindly make sure the XMB stays as far away from ps4 as possible
jacksons98  +   1049d ago
XMB is great, infact my gf asked me if we could set up our PC with the same bar.
Blastoise  +   1049d ago
Why does everyone hate on the XMB? I like it. I think its good, easy to use atleast.
doogiebear  +   1048d ago
It is slow as hell though. But maybe it's a RAM thing or something.
Baka-akaB  +   1049d ago
XMb better be in , it's more efficient and just need to be improved for voice and text chat , and of course speed .

Last thing needed is idiocy like trying to cram some insane graphic interface in-game .

At "worst" it could be something like the Vita's interface
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PirateThom  +   1049d ago
Vita's interface works because it's touch screen... navigation with the buttons is awkward on it.
Baka-akaB  +   1049d ago
Wich is why i say at worst . We dont know what theps4 could likely bring on
Eiffel  +   1049d ago
At least scrap the in-game XMB. No need to load every option I'd otherwise never use or be able to use while in game. Pointless and slow.
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Xof  +   1049d ago
Good god no. Have you seen the Vita's OS? The XMB is perfect, it just needs more functionality and better optimization. It's the single most intuitive, efficient OS for non-PC platforms ever concieved.

It's so ****ing hard to go from the XMB to the Vita, or 3DS, or iPad OSes because they're just so much clunkier. I mean, hell, you can criticize the XMB for feeling like it's straight out of 2005, but that complaint doesn't hold much venom once you realize everyone else is stuck back in 1993.
Redempteur  +   1049d ago
The vita OS is great and works only because it's a touch interface.
However, there is no need to change the xmb ..Playstation player are already familliar with it , what we need is more features , not a new interface
Qrphe  +   1049d ago
Oh hell no, XMB is king
freezola75  +   1049d ago
Some ppl are saying that this PSN revamp looks similar to the 360's Dashboard. Is this the case?

It definitely looks more engaging, more streamlined in my opinion.
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SlavisH2  +   1049d ago
you can tell they observed the 360 dashboard or had that in mind when improving psn. anyway its still a improvement!
DivineAssault  +   1049d ago
Get off it.. Its just the store & its not bad.. They had to modernize its interface to make ppl more interested in buying content.. Its a business strategy that all companies use to make money... Apple set a trend that MANY ppl had to follow.. I like the new store look but hey, to each his own
ziggurcat  +   1049d ago

Alos88  +   1049d ago
I don't like the new search system, it reminds me of the 360's similar system- guys, making me scroll down to select each individual letter is a face punchingly bad idea.
paddystan  +   1049d ago
Just waiting for the new PS Store is doomed articles...
vitullo31  +   1049d ago
im starting to hate this website every other article is shitting on playstation its so annoying
PirateThom  +   1049d ago
I don't like it.


I find it very awkward for the most part.

The old store wasn't perfect, but it was still better than the new one.

I'll get used to it, I guess, but it didn't impress me. If you're going to make a major change, it should improve the experience with features and user friendliness, not just make it look nice.

I also don't like the fact it's app based, it should be integrated.
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KUV1977  +   1049d ago
Also if you are going for it to 'look nice' make it not stutter when scrolling. I found the old store far from perfect but the usability of the new one is terrible.
sdozzo  +   1049d ago
Hope this is better search function. Before you would search and pull up a million things.
Spenok  +   1049d ago
This article is the reason why everyone always thinks the Playstation 3 is "dying, underperforming,not as good... etc"

Because when they do something very well, someone always comes out and goes. So what!? For Christs sakes, just give them the damn compliment without the negativity. If anyone else had done something similar, ie. Nintendo, Microsoft, Steam, Gamestop's website blah blah blah.
BitbyDeath  +   1049d ago
Australian store had been broken for ages, it was slow, icons or titles didn't always load forcing the devs to spam multiple folders just so everything could display.

The new store was needed for us down here.
Kureno_Nakamura  +   1049d ago
Why does anybody who claims to care about gaming want Sony out anyway?
doogiebear  +   1048d ago
Sony is the only one protecting core gamers interests. 360 and Nintendo fanboys want Sony out, so they can enjoy their stupid repeats of annual cod/mario-spin offs (the main series games are great though)/halo/gears games without fear of those games going away (due to the outcry of REAL gamers demanding new IP's and innovation in games). In other words, Nintendo is for casuals, and xbox is for those in-between (only play easy FPS games and Gears...no strategy, or thinking involved).

Sony however, protects CORE gaming. And threatens the trends set by The current nintendo and MS business models. The same models that morons have grown content with (like people who buy pokemon & cod games even after a decade + of it never truly evolving as a series; and refuse to buy any other games, thus causing other company's to sell-out to those crowds to sell their games (like how RE 6 became a cod/gears clone)).

Sorry to rant, I just hate this generation's negative trends in gaming
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MasterCornholio  +   1049d ago
Hmm every time Sony does something positive with something the media always try to turn it into a negative.

I cant recall the amount of times that ive seen the press turn Sonys PlayStation plus program or crossbuy feature into a huge negative for the company.
doogiebear  +   1048d ago
It's not "The Press". It's just a bunch of fanboy "journalists" who post their crap on n4g, but every time you visit their website, it looks far from professional (looks like it's on a site hosting domain), barely facts/statistics-based, and filled with gramatical errors.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1049d ago
Lol its a store update, I see people trying to compare the new Store to Xbox yeah its Metro styled its better but since when has it ever been about some store update? Last I checked I thought it was about content and games.
Tonester925  +   1049d ago
All I wanted was to be able to log in as two different accounts and gain trophies on separate accounts at the same time in multiplayer games. Really my only gripe

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