A Mysterious Trailer Comes from PlayStation - My Ideas On What It Could Be Driving Hype For

Chris Penwell from PlayStation Euphoria writes: PlayStation have revealed a new 16 second trailer called "The Reload" which is very similar to the previous ad campaign called "Michael." Here is what I think it could be.

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Godchild10201770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

This might be a story trailer for Cole in Playstation All-Star Battle Royal. I would love to hear its for a New Infamous for the PS3, but I though it would be a Launch title for the next Playstation. Or maybe a spin-off for the Vita in the infamous World.

Freak of Nature1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )


***Launch date***.... of the new store in the US...Is what this is IMHO...

New Infamous would be a possibility...

In a perfect World it would be *Media Molecule* announcing/showing off there new up-coming IP. Oh well one can dream....


FunAndGun1770d ago

Didn't that already happen....Tearaway?

Freak of Nature1770d ago


No it's another IP, Tearaway is for the Vita...

The one I am talking about is the "very ambitious project" with millions of R&D behind it.

FunAndGun1770d ago

ah ok, didn't know there was also a MM project for the PS3. carry on with your dreams! :)

GraveLord1770d ago

Why would they do this kind of trailer for the playstation store? Besides WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT IT! This is a TEASER for something. It's obviously Playstation All-Stars related so I'm guessing its a new character reveal.

If not, then its just a continuation of the ad campagin from last year. It was extremely successful.(11 million+ views on Youtube)

DeadlyFire1770d ago

This is 100% playstation advertisement for PS3 and PS Store likely tied into it in some way. Possible some surprise mixed into it, but I suspect another commercial promoting Playstation for the sales season.

Campy da Camper1770d ago

If they announced a new infamous I would shit green egg rolls.

Spenok1770d ago

This makes the most sense. As the 23rd is the US launch date of the new PS3 interface.

SandWitch1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Who in the world would advertise a Store update? It does not make any sense.

I think it's either PSASBR related (Ape Escape character announcement?) or a new Michael trailer.

In a perfect it would be a double announcement of inFamous for PS3 and Ape Escape for VITA. Or vice versa.

P.S. Love the music in this teaser, listening over and over

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teedogg801770d ago

inFamous on the Vita would be a dream come true.

GreenRanger1770d ago

Until Sony get Nihilistic to make it. :-(

andibandit1769d ago

"inFamous on the Vita would be a dream come true"

Vita needs it's own games not a constant stream of ported games from the PS3.

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It might Be Conker's return?!!!

Mykky1770d ago

Most likely something for All Stars as it is the same date as the beta goes live for everybody. There is a gun from Metal Gear Solid, A shadow of the wander from Colusses when the lightning flashes, "Saru! Get You!" on the sign Which is from Ape Escape, A PS clock, lightning from inFamous.

So tell me, why would there be something Ape Escape releated to a inFamous 3 teaser? A new micheal trailer or PS All Stars.

Ezetta1770d ago

Because we know that this is the bar we saw in the Michael-trailer, and too establish that, they placed it in.

And there is much focus on whoever comes in the door, who seems to either: A) A newcommer who is about to join the rest of the Sony characters in the bar, or B) A character who has returned to the bar at a later period (seeing as this would be Coles return from the dead, it would fit).

Mykky1768d ago

It is not the bar from Micheal and you are ignoring the other clues. it is NOT inFAMOUS 3!!!

FamilyGuy1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

The sign on the desk says "SARU!" "GET YOU", and it kinda looks like it says "Get Out" when it's flickering. I'm thinking this is gonna be a game announcement for something in the horror genre.

Looks like it says Raccoon City next to the light sign, which would be resident evil. The city named is heavily distorted though. What was the city in infamous called, maybe it says that one.

People are all just assuming its infamous based on the electricity effects alone, it could be metal gear rising or anything really.

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maniacmayhem1770d ago

Would love to get a new InFamous. But I hope they take it in a new direction, still open world but him fighting more super powered villains. They need to establish a world like DC/Marvel.

Would be cool if they even got some DC/Marvel characters to appear in the game.

Conzul1770d ago

What makes inFamous so cool is it's complete originality and disconnection from other heroes. It's in a world all of its own.

mt1770d ago

I agree with you, it needs more remarkable villains. those kinds of villains that stick with you in the upcoming infamous games.

one2thr1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Thats part of the "To Micheal" commercial, but my guess is inFamous... Or it could be an introduction to the new PlayStation Store *Them shutting down the old one, turning on the new one*... But if its going along with their current trend, then heck its bound to be good.
**Just notice that the girl was cleaning a gun, so it could be anything**
Get some

Nitrowolf21770d ago

this, same day as the new store (well it's been delayed), so I'm assuming it's this

ZoyosJD1770d ago

With the sound of electricity, and the lighting flashing a blue has got to be InFamous related.

blackblades1770d ago

That's the girl from that michael ad, so I'll say a teaser of a new ad, remember they teased michael ad.

FamilyGuy1769d ago

All the characters in the Michael ad were characters from playstation video games, all except michael himself. So if you can figure out what game this chick was supposed to be from you'll figure out what game this is related to.

Could just wait a few days for the full reveal though :/