New PlayStation Store Roll-Out "Temporarily Postponed"

"Sony have issued a statement on the new PlayStation Store, which has seen a somewhat troubled launch over the last day or so, not least with payment issues and slow updates being reported by users who saw it before it was pulled."

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GreenRanger2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

"Temporarily Postponed"
I wonder how many people read that as "OMG! Sony have been hacked again! Call the cops! Get your details off PSN! Call the cops! The hackers have your credit card numbers! Call the cops! Sony is DOOMED! Will somebody please call the damn cops!!!?"

Grenade2042d ago

@ BabyTownFrolics
I think he was talking about the Nintendo and M$ CS'ers.

Blankman852042d ago

Not even remotely funny. You should have stopped after the first sentence.

GreenRanger2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

It wasn't supposed to be funny.
I was just pointing out the inevitable over exaggeration by fanboys and trolls who saw the headline.
The same fanboys and trolls who always come to the conclusion that problems = hacks when it comes to Sony.
And BTW, i don't care what you think of my comments, so just keep your opinion to yourself.

sandman2242042d ago

There a bunch of idiots over there at Sony. They had six years to get the new dashboard ready. Now they can't get it delivered. I'm not surprised. This is the same company that put small ram into there system and a slow disc reader. Lets hope ps4 delivers the Sony name. I definitely don't like most of there studios going under. Especially light box.

Chitown712912042d ago

Has the same amount of ram as the 360, difference being its split up. 256mb/256mb

TheModernKamikaze2042d ago

You do know that 2006, 512 was a lot? And that they're delivering the dash it's just postponed. Seriously people can't read anymore?

Pushagree2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

"They had six years to get the new dashboard ready."

They have not been working on it for six years. The store's dash has been updated a few times already. I don't know where people get the idea that this is the first PS store update.

Gillonz2042d ago

First of all it's a new store not a new dashboard. Secondly they have the same amount of ram, Playstation just gives most of it too games and not the XMB since a console is for gaming. Lastly PS3 has a dual layered blu ray disk reader and xbox has a dual layered DVD reader ? how is that slower ?

sandman2242042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

If Sony uses more ram for there games, why does call of duty run worse on the ps3 than the 360. Also why does it run in lower resolution. And how come its a mandatory install for black ops 2 on ps3. I read its because the disc doesn't read off of the blu ray as fast as a DVD reader on the 360. That way your ps3 won't sound like a chainsaw when reading off of the disc like it does when you play mw3 online. With all respect I own a ps3 super slim. And I do like there exclusives I just expect more out of Sony since they've been around longer in the gaming industry.

HarvesterOSarow2042d ago


How are you so stupid with the internet at your fingertips? Everything you just said is wrong.

Nitrowolf22042d ago

Um Sony has updated the PS store like 2-3 times in the past already. I still remember the classic old look

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saphiron2042d ago

Works superb for me.. Looks good, and much more responsive. :)

forever_milan2042d ago

I am also using it in India, feels nice & uncluttered, maybe because we don't get any apps here :(

Brian1rr2042d ago

You do t have to install games on the ps3, you are a troll.