New Aliens: Colonial Marines Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "SEGA has released a new set of screenshots for Aliens: Colonial Marines."

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1upgamer992047d ago

Looks amazing, and Sega said the Wii U version, looks and plays the best!

camel_toad2046d ago

Yeh I didn't realize though that the wii u version will be "coming out at a later date" than the other consoles and pc. Hope it's not waaay later. Want the game real bad but I can handle waiting just to have a motion tracker in my hands ;)

blue_cheese2046d ago

had been a fan of the original movies,a few of the games here and there, but just finished prometheus last week..can't wait for this game! looks great although, i wish had the wiiu so i could use the gamepad as a tracker, ugh hurry up smart glass lol.

herbs2046d ago

If you use smart glass for your tracker the xenomorphs will be at an advantage, the lag will make you fall prey to them quickly.

Fishermenofwar2046d ago

I'm going to make Aliens references in ever article thats posted until this game comes out


Neonridr2046d ago

here we go again.. lol

"Rise and Shine, another glorious day in the Core!"

Fishermenofwar2046d ago

I day in the marine core is like a day on the farm...I love the core!!!

I think you replied after me last time...LOL

Neonridr2046d ago

I did, that's why I replied back again.. ;)