How Spore Has Evolved For DS, Mac and Mobiles - Executive Producer Lucy Bradshaw Spills the Beans

Not content to simply bring you the news of Spore's release date (September 7th, 2008) or the reasons why the game has taken so long to develop (like numerous Facebook relationships, it's complicated), the staff of Level Up has brought you one more exclusive. When they found out yesterday that the PC edition of Spore would be accompanied by versions for the Nintendo DS, Macintosh computers and mobile phones, they again reached out to Electronic Arts to get the scoop.

Maxis vice president and Spore executive producer Lucy Bradshaw was kind enough to promptly answer the questions Level Up sent over via email and the answers demonstrate the amount of care that Maxis has put into trying to make sure that each instance of the game is worthy. Brashaw tells whether Mac and PC users will be able to share content with one another; which Japanese artistic tradition inspired the look of Spore for DS; and which single stage of the original game has been blown out for mobile phones.

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