Square Enix Files Suit Over Final Fantasy Replica Swords

Square Enix (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest) has announced it has filed a federal lawsuit in the Central District of California against several defendants it claims have infringed on its intellectual property.

The lawsuit focuses on at least four wholesale retailers who allegedly sold unlicensed replicas of swords that appear in Square Enix's Final Fantasy games -- specifically, four video games and one CG-animated film (the likely candidate, Advent Children, is not mentioned by name).

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Matsuiichi3570d ago

I don't know. While it's no different from burning a CD or filesharing off the internet, I side with Square Enix. They're really on top of this and they are adamant about their intellectual property before the loss of their intellectual property gets out of hand.

That aside, these guys really deserve to be taken in. Can you imagine people with Buster Swords? One show-offy guy + Buster Sword + Friend = Limit Break = Omnislash = man meat = tasty, but bad---really bad.

midgard2293570d ago

i have the sword from advent children lol, 52 inches, Yeaah!