EA Sports Aims to Punch Up Games - Unit Chief Moore Extends NFL Pact, Eyes Branding; EA Tennis Camp, Anyone?

Nick Wingfield of The Wall Street Journal writes: When Peter Moore arrived at Electronic Arts Inc. last fall to run the publisher's huge sports-videogames group, one of the first things he did was fix up an abandoned sports bar in the headquarters.

Mr. Moore, who previously ran Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox business, had the bar painted, fitted with high-definition TVs and decorated with autographed sports jerseys. The bar, used by staff and visitors, is a handy, visible symbol of Mr. Moore's broad effort to reinvigorate the sports culture at the heart of EA's success.

Mr. Moore says one problem is the tight annual release schedule of sports games. "That quite frankly puts a lot of pressure on our innovation and quality," Mr. Moore says. "The team knows we need to improve."

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