Is Sega in Trouble of Being Bought Out?

Stock market opinion and analyst site Seeking Alpha posed an interesting question - Could Sega be the target of a takeover? It's no secret Sega Sammy has hit on hard times over the past few months. Both Sammy's pachinko and even Sega's software division haven't met company expectations and have even made it hard on the former hardware developer to turn a profit.

The future doesn't look much better than the past, either as Sega has forecasted a full year loss in excess of $242 million and has been forced to close more than 100 arcades and most recently had to let go of 400 employees.

Keep reading to see what the possible future holds for Sega Sammy.

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sak5003690d ago

No wonder we are not seeing nasim/shmee/larry007 etc. he's busy modeling in photoshoots.

sonarus3690d ago

nintendo would probably benefit the most from purchasing sega but then there are other sega games i would still love to see like shenmue someday and i jst dnt see that happening on the wii

ryuyasho3690d ago

on that. Nintendo should buy them and then both create a New Console...

The Dreamtendo!!!! hehehehehe

One small step for man(Mario and Sonic in the Olympics)...

mugoldeneagle033690d ago

The Sega Genesis was my first gaming console and it lasted me above until above and beyond 1998. By the time it started to grow old, I moved on to my Sega Dreamcast. I got a full 2-3 months play out of it before they discontinued it, leaving me for a Playstation 2 (which obviously turned out the better). Since then, it just seems as if Sega really got over its hump.

The software titles they developed were very mediocre, and to me it just seemed like they were still suck in that last generation they got kicked out of.

Maybe it'll be for the better that Sega gets bought out. Judging by the Sonic success, I'd say Nintendo is probably a front runner with Microsoft and Sony left scrambling for consolation. Either way I hope it works out for the better for everyone at Sega.

GodsHand3690d ago

Yeah, sad news if true.

But I think it would be a battle between Nintendo, and Microsoft. I don't think Sony would be intrested in buying Sega. JMO

heyheyhey3690d ago

i dont think Sony would just sit there and let M$ buy Sega- it would be a big blow for them

i think either Nintendo or EA will snap them up

ruibing3690d ago

Microsoft is busy trying to buy Yahoo, so Sony can use their recent influx of cash to buy Insomniac, Sega, or Level 5.

Devr3690d ago

Go for it, Nintendo. Revive the blue hedgehog.

darkside3690d ago

I WANT Sony to Buy them out!!

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The story is too old to be commented.