CNET: Google Android Hands-On

CNET writes:

"Today we managed to spend some quality time with a prototype handset running Google's highly anticipated mobile operating system, Google Android. Texas Instruments was showing it off at its stand to promote the prototype handset's processor, the OMAP850 -- but it's not the processor we were interested in.

Although this handset isn't supposedly going to be commercially released, we were impressed with its design. Not only is it light but it's well laid-out. The screen is wide and sharp, the navigation keys are large, making them easy to press, and the Qwerty keypad is well designed -- with each key raised so it's easy to distinguish between them."

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v1c1ous3723d ago

maybe a cpl more weeks in design and some streamlined features, and i'd pick it up

Vo_Cal3723d ago

I cant wait to kick the Establishment in the nutz and grab this phone

Omicronn3723d ago

With everything they are getting into and dominating, they seriously remind me of Microsoft back in the day.

Whats next... A Google Console?

v1c1ous3723d ago

constant new apps.

might be ad-supported, but it would have free EVERYTHING

of course, the console would have all your personal info, but what's your privacy against free RPGS!?

Skynetone3723d ago

The only thing i want from a phone is a long battery life say 7 days / mp3 player and one decent game to wind away any long wait at the tax office