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Submitted by Cyrus365 2921d ago | news

Microsoft Has No Answer For Their Broken XBOX Live DRM Writes: Reader Kevin's XBOX 360 suffered the usual Red Ring of Death, so he sent it in to be repaired. He got back a different XBOX 360 with a different serial number. That would be no big deal, except Kevin has purchased a bunch of content through XBOX Live... content that is no longer fully functional due to Microsoft's broken DRM.

Here's a quick summary:

November 2007: Kevin's XBOX 360 is replaced, causing his content to lose full functionality. He calls Microsoft.

Microsoft keeps Kevin on the phone for an hour trying different methods of restoring functionality to his content. Nothing works. They say they will call him back in two weeks. They do not call him back, so he calls them. Microsoft makes him repeat the steps he tried the first time he called. They tell him they will call him back in two weeks. This cycle repeats twice more before Kevin gets a call from Frank at XBOX escalations. It's now the second week of January. Kevin periodically speaks to Frank. Frank has no answers for him.

February 7, 2008: Frank tells Kevin that there's nothing more he can do and, when Kevin asks when he can expect a resolution, Frank says "hopefully sometime in 2008." (Industry, Xbox 360)

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DTClown  +   2922d ago
Sooooo what's the problem?
I thought the general rule of thumb for 360 owners were to simply go out and buy another system every time theirs broke. I have seen them all post here time and time again doing just that. So just go and re-buy your downloads again. Problem solved.


You could INVEST in a system that is NOT fundamentally FLAWED which in turn flaws every other facet of the system. Short answer, go buy a PS3 and enjoy gaming.
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cellypower  +   2922d ago
This is a shame to the customer because MS wanted to come out first to beat sony.
rawd  +   2921d ago
Agreed, the 360 could have been a great system if they had invested more time and money into R&D instead of rushing it out the door.
kevoncox  +   2921d ago
It's a lie.
You can redown load the content for free as soon as you import your live user name... Geesh, i thought this was the Non fanboy zone?
Hatchetforce  +   2921d ago
Yes the 360 could have been a great console if it was fully tested, had built in wireless, the ability to put any laptop SATA drive in it, had a Bluray drive, supported keyboard and mouse, had free network service, interfaced with a smaller handheld gaming unit (PSP), and would play MGS4.
Hatchetforce  +   2921d ago

It isn't a lie. I am on my 4th 360 and I don't buy anything anymore. That isn't the way the DRM works. His isn't the first case either.


marinelife9  +   2921d ago
That's funny I've owned my PS3 for almost a year and a half and have never had the occasion to talk to someone in customer service. PS3 reps are kinda like Maytag men.

I should call them up just to give them something to do by answering the phone. Have no idea what the number is though.
natural0721  +   2921d ago
Free points
Just have them issue you free points to redownload everything with another account the same thing happenened to me a year ago. It took a while for them to do it but they gave me codes to put in my system so I could redownload evrything again. the codes gave me free points.the only thing is you have to make another account make it a gold account that gives you the month free trial then download everything again using the new account.then your games would work fine like when you first bough them.I don't understand why they didn't offer it to you they did to me.but I did give them hell when i talked to them.
DarkSniiper  +   2921d ago
@kevoncox - It's unfortunately true
I have my forth being repaired or replaced at this time. Ever since I upgraded from the pro to the elite I have had DRM problems. Been 10 months now and still have DRM issues. Would I give up my Xbox 360 because of this, NO! It will get worked out in the end, just going to take some time though.

@natural0721 - they don't do that anymore, they did that for me the first time but shortly after that they stopped giving points.
lawman1108  +   2921d ago
The guy is having a problem because they game him a a different system
I sent my 1st 360 in and it was repaired everything worked, when it failed AGAIN a year later they lost it and game me a rebuilt system but I have an Elite too so I use the old HD on the Elite anyway.
DeadIIIRed  +   2921d ago
@ Marinelife9
When I was having issues with my HDMI and PS3 I called up the support line. I'm just gunna say right now that they're idiots. All they did was tell me to call my TV's manufacturer. So I called Vizio and talked to some guy who helped me set up my PS3. It wasn't the TV at all.

God help us all if our PS3s start red ringing or something.
Nevers  +   2921d ago
TOTAL BS!!! ... and this story just keeps getting rehashed...
I've got a refurb after an RRoD and you merely go thru your download history (far left tab), and re-download the purchased content. You don't have to pay again. Most of the info is already on your HDD so it usually only takes 5sec for each item to get I'm guessing the "copy-rights" coding. It's annoying if you've downloaded tons o' crap like me...but what isn't regarding the death of these consoles. This info should be an insert in all replacement consoles but it is not.
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sonarus  +   2921d ago
one thing i love about fanboys is loyalty. I have a ps3 and a 360 i generally dnt play my 360 that much anymore only game i really play on it is madden except for the occasional bioshock or mass effect rental and it has never crapped on me maybe its cus of lite usage i dunno. But i do knw if it ever did i wouldnt even consider buying another 1.
wallace1000  +   2921d ago
Unfortunately though for the PS3 it just doesn't have the games library, that is however my opinion. The games i have most recently purchase: Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect. PS3 doesn't have anything that can touch those titles, especially Halo 3 online and Mass Effect for scfi RPG.
lonestarmt  +   2921d ago
I have to respectfully disagree. The PS3 very much does. Almost every game that is multi 360 only fans seem not to count it for a ps3 game. I also have to disagree call of duty 4 and warhawk are both far superior than halo 3 online and fall of man is a way better story than halo 3 in general. Uncharted, motorstorm, heavenly sword (although short), fall of man, and rachet and clank are fantastic games. There really is nothing else like mass effect, but thats why I have a PC :)
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Lifendz  +   2921d ago
This is sad...
How did MS fall so far so fast? I bought an Xbox last time around and, truth be told, played it more than my PS2. How the heck did they F it up so bad? And to be so cold to the consumers is crazy. Easy fix for this guy, send him a new console and credit him for every dime he spent on Xbox live.
Daishi  +   2921d ago
I have to respectfully disagree with you as well. Given this is both only are opinions as we both enjoy different games. The part I'm disagreeing with is the part where you said COD4 has a better multiplayer. If you would have said single player I would have agreed but not MP. My main reason being that you can make videos and clips. Yes with certain tools you can do the same with COD4 but what would be the point. The deaths in COD4 don't even begin to touch Halo's with sticks, vehicles, needlers, beatdowns. So many crazy things happening at once. I loved COD4's MP at first but started to feel like I was just shooting at people until they died. Getting 7 kills with a single airstrike can only make you chuckle for so long. And where is the CO-OP? But everyone needs a break from Halo no matter how much you love it and it's great to see a game on par with it come out at the same time. And everyones argument now is PS3 will own 08, but IMHO that doesn't make Bioshock, Halo, and Mass Effect disapear. When people buy a new system this late in the consoles life they look for used games first and that's what Metal Gear will be going up against not Too Human or Fable, but then again that is just my opinion.
Kaneda  +   2921d ago
"but IMHO that doesn't make Bioshock, Halo, and Mass Effect disapear"...

but PS3 and xbox 360 08 games will make 07 games outdated and lame.... (I try not to be a fanboy)
gno101975  +   2921d ago
This whole thing with the 360 is a 'total nightmare'. My second 360 is now faulty 6 days after the warranty expired. I've now got to pay £65 ($130) to have it repaired and the repair only comes with a 3 month warrantly. I read on another website about one guy has paid £65 3 times. How Microsoft have got away with this is a total mystery. I read in Edge magazine today that Microsoft rushed out the 360 and that it hadn't been tested properly before it was released. All in all though, consumer law in the UK doesn't seem to protect the consumer enough. All 360s should be recalled. I just know it's going to happen soon as more and more of them are becoming faulty (more than the quoted 40%). Microsoft have surprised me with their ignorance...
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wallace1000  +   2921d ago
@ lonestarmt
bubble for you. I stated my opinion then you stated yours and disagreed without being a tool or spewing fanboy garbage. This is how discussions should go on this site.
sak500  +   2922d ago
He should write to Bill Gates.
SKullDugger  +   2921d ago
Bill Gates knows whats going on he approved the org. launch the 360 is a flawed machine and the people who buy them and XBOX LIVE are losing money for nothing. If u own a 360 it will die someday and MS will replace it witha refurb. anf all your marketplace purchases will be lost, I think its a shame the way MS has treated their faithful consumers I feel bad for all of them.
robbo918  +   2921d ago
lol Sak
I may not always agree with you but that was funny. Patriot27 it was a joking reference to the story on here recently about the kid that emailed Billy directly and got his problem solved FAST, then MS came out with a fluff story that ended with a definite comment to not email Billy. Yes anyone with brains knows that Billy didn't see the email himself, it was a funny comment though Sak.
cr33ping_death  +   2922d ago
damn. ill be sending mine in for repair as soon as the box they send arrives. i hope they dont pull this sh!t on me.
blusoops  +   2922d ago
They will
It happens to ALL 360 owners that have purchased DLC on Live.
Tempist  +   2921d ago
I think I'm going to pull my PS3 harddrive from the unit and give it a hug as well as the PS3 itself.

+1 for the PSN
shelbygt33  +   2921d ago
I can still play my games...
I had a RROD about 5 months ago, got a new one back, and all of my stuff plays just fine (games, couple TV shows, some videos, etc). I've never once had an issue. I'm always connected to Live, though, so maybe that's it.
Kleptic  +   2920d ago
I think some are missing how this works...

the problems is occuring when you purchase XBL content with one system and a certain account...the DRM for XBL works by being attatched to your account AND your system (not just the HDD, something internally is coined to it as well)...

the RROD issue leaves everyone up in the air until they get their system back...because the RROD thing is 'so complex', and MS won't tell people exactly what causes it (apparently there are over 70 things that commonly occur in a 360 to make it pop) don't know what system you are getting back...

so...if your DLC works (and this is the purchased stuff...not demos or any free stuff) got the same 360 back...they fixed whatever was wrong internally, and sent the same system back...if it doesn't work, as in the case of this article, you were given a different 360 than what you owned before...because some RROD issues allow the system's internals to be repaird; you sometimes get your original equipment back...but some RROD problems result in a pile of absolute garbage...and in it goes...resulting in you getting a brand new, or refurbished 360 of equal specs...

and that is where the problems occur...DLC is then gimped because, even though its already on your HDD and you are using the same account, its not coined to the correct system...that is what all this is about, and its been going on for months now...It is utterly ridiculous that some are claiming this to be a lie...that is the very definition of a blind fanboy...

what MS did was made a closed service that is very good at keeping people from steeling just so happens their system pops so much that their paying customers are the people getting fired at...It is a shame, I have never seen screwing at this scale in the electronics industry...possibly ever...
tk  +   2922d ago
Sucks quite a bit...
Sheesh.. this is even worse that most of us thought. I thought they could just refund you points, and you could repurchase. But I guess then some would misuse the system and just send the console back to get the same points back and just buy something else, send it back, get refunded, buy something else etc etc.

Difficult one to fix if the DRM depends on code in the XB360 itself. Removing dependency on the console itself would mean the content can get swapped - for example - I buy ten items, you buy ten items, and after a month we just swap hard disks and we both get double the value.

Now they are linked to the actual console - but with the RRoD you don't get the same console - hence the keys won't work.

This problem is a biggie - as MS has a simple painful choice. Give you points, and risk you doing the same thing and getting free replacement over a period of three years, getting new content every time. Or breaking the DRM. Both options suck. For them anyway. Just shows you - get things ready before you start selling it.
Proxy  +   2921d ago
Thank You.
I honestly appreciated your explination of the situation. A bubble for you.

Perhaps they could get your live ID, and your current DRM, and then have a system which would reprogram (if you will) your DLC so that it will work on your NEW DRM.

Also, does anyone know if PS3 could potentially have the same problem? What is my PS3 MAC address changes?
season007  +   2921d ago
Here's an answer for your PS3.

Most of the games for PS3 downloadable on PSN is available up to if you have a friend got a game, use his username and password, download it you go, you get the game on your PS3 too. It also solves any potential problem relates to hardware key code.

For the more expensive game like Warhawk, i believe it is not the same case, but if it does happen, since it is not a widespread problem like the xbox360 does(<1% vs >10% failure hardware), and i believe most of the cases for the <1% is going to fix your console instead of recycling refurbished consoles. Thus, there won't be a problem for it as well.

I hope this answers your questions =)
DarkSniiper  +   2921d ago
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NightVyper  +   2921d ago
season have you tried that?? i have heard every thing is tied into the user name and tho you can to 5 different consoles you are still using your user info to get them. I know for a fact tho that if i play a game on one ps3 and download to another that it takes 24 hour for the license to be released.

IE i have two PS3s i download warhawk on both, if use warhawk on PS3 A i have to wait 24 before I can use it on PS3 B. that is how sony protects their DLC.
JohnRico  +   2921d ago
File a complaint with the BBB. That seems to get Microsofts attention
Hatchetforce  +   2921d ago
BBB doesn't do any good. They are not a government agency. You have to file with the Consumer Protection Agency which is part of the FTC - Federal Trade Commission.
rofldings  +   2921d ago
I don't know why this type of crap isn't on the news, instead we have stories about alien boobs. All the while bashing the PS3.

I love US media.
rawd  +   2921d ago
Money = power

Do you ever watch G4TV. Their shows are so pro-MS it's not funny.

I mean didnt they have a 72 hour Halo-thon or something the day when Halo3 came out. I'm sure that wasn't paid for by anyone over at MS
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LJWooly  +   2921d ago
Asian girls FTW!!

And I also agree that G4TV sucks.
Daishi  +   2921d ago
It's an American console being shown on an American channel, am I the only one who sees the connection?
Kleptic  +   2920d ago
the connection?...they are just being patriotic by blindly supporting the 360 over other consoles?...come on man...MS poors tons of money into stuff like that for the 360...If sony paid G4TV enough, they would have done the same thing...

being American only points to the fact that they are up for the highest bidder...not that they are tired of a Japanese brand destroying the competition generation after generation...
v1c1ous  +   2921d ago
is this 2007?
it feels like i'm going back in time


Wii has only 512 MB memory!
SoulReaper  +   2921d ago
um the 80gb still have BC...and if you can find the 60gb it will too..the new sku that sony will announce soon will have BC..they wont let it go..

anyways the 360 is cheap what did you expect..its poorly design and the more people who that goes through broken 360s the better chance of them getting a ps3..

ya know things break..

peter moore...
Reggie Fils- Aime  +   2921d ago
yes but the Wii has incredible games

and you can get BC in the 60gb and 80gb models of the POS3 and the 40gb works with PS1 games

but who cares when the Wii offers so much fun and value
Daishi  +   2921d ago
I've known people who sold both their PS3 and 360 for a Wii. You can't say Wii is selling because of it's price when people are shelling out $400+ on Ebay. Everybody needs to realize that there is not going to be a "PS2" in this generation. As long as the game developers are happy, I'm happy, because they are the only true necessity as long as PC's exsist.
Kaz Hirai  +   2921d ago
Attention, Xbot PIGS!
Surely you are sick and tired of being treated like doormats by the satanic Nazisoft? If so, I will consider welcoming you into the PlayStation family.
But only if you beg and grovel for forgiveness first!

#8 (Edited 2921d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Reggie Fils- Aime  +   2921d ago
who wants to be welcomed into your dirty family

people want Mario and Zelda

people want the Wii

you lost Kaz

@Kaz below

your POS3 has nothing that can match the fun and quality of Super Smash Brothers Brawl- which has already sold 1mil copies

and No More Heroes is incredible too

who has sold 20mil world-wide???
#8.1 (Edited 2921d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply
Kaz Hirai  +   2921d ago
A bloated plumber and a fairy in a green dress?
I'm sorry, Reginald, but you will have to try harder than that! Nothing can stand against the might of Solid Snake, Kratos, Nathan Drake, Ratchet & Clank, Heihachi Mishima and Emperor Kutaragi!

HarryEtTubMan  +   2921d ago
HAHAHAHA The PS3 still 400$ douche wad. NO ONE has won anything yet.
lawman1108  +   2921d ago
I own each system and the 360 is BY FAR the best GAME system
I almost never use the PS3 because every game that is multi is BETTER on the 360 period. I play Fall of man, my son likes R&C I thought Unfarted was ok (VERY short) and UT3 is weak. I own a total of 6 ps3 game and have owned over 100 360 games.
Lagbox plzfixme  +   2921d ago
The xbox 360 is by far the best game system? So tell me, why does it have such a high failure rating? Why does the ps3's lineup in 2008 absolutely destroy the plzfixme's? Why is the ps3 catching up in sales?

Yeah, you're right. The lagbox plzfixme is definitely the best game system out there.
iAmPS3  +   2921d ago
plzfixme was only good before PS3 was released.
That was it guys, party time is over, move to the winning/better side before it's too late and you give up gaming and come back working at McDonalds.
PopEmUp  +   2921d ago
You're pathetic and you said you had a son, man how old are you? You totally act like immature and their absolutely no logical explanation why x-box 360 is the best, so you saying the machine only sell FPS the most is the best, how about something dynamic, something casualties, something like Wii and the PS3 that offers. BTW owning a console that you never used it sound a bit fishy if not, then its sound stupid cause why waste money on system that you never used, so can you please don't make up things since you never even buy it, we ALL KNOWS YOU"RE AN XBOT only say whatever good to it and only defense no matter if you got 7 RROD in a week still doesn't change your mind and your loyalty toward it
ambientFLIER  +   2921d ago
"The xbox 360 is by far the best game system? So tell me, why does it have such a high failure rating? Why does the ps3's lineup in 2008 absolutely destroy the plzfixme's? Why is the ps3 catching up in sales?"

Hardware failures have nothing to do with the quality of games on the 360, and neither do the future games that will be released sometime in 2008 on the PS3. As it stands, the xbox has the best CURRENT games. Period.
phony force slayer  +   2921d ago
you make me laugh
sony defence force battle fleet
wot a joke omg i will never join gaystaion 3rd
Coke-a-Cola  +   2921d ago
I just don't get it ..........I take my car in for a repair and they give me a different one back. Hmmm.
I would be totally Pssssssst
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Nostradamus  +   2921d ago
I would be happy with a new car.
You wouldnt?
NightVyper  +   2921d ago
yeah but it is not a new car it is just different one that smells like smoke, but you don't smoke.
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Mr_Showtime1  +   2921d ago
yea ive been through all this before too
Im on my 4th 360 now, this is the last one, if it dies, fu*k it and Microsoft to hell, despite all the money ive spent on their products, 120gb hdd, xbox live, numerous games, wifi adaptor etc they still think they can just treat me like dirt, well fu*k them. my ps3 and wii is more than enough to keep me happy.

rant over :)
cmrbe  +   2921d ago
Well sucks to be you
Thats why i am still waiting to buy an x360.
Bnet343  +   2921d ago
Meh ... I'm on my third one but it isn't that bad because I got a free game and 12 month free of xbox live.
SKullDugger  +   2921d ago
Buy a PS3 now. I did a 40GB then I bought 160GB 2.5 SATA hard drive for $89.99 replaced it. The PS3 will format your new hard drive in about 25sec. The PS3 is the best system around it has the best BLU-RAY movie player 2.0 and can be upgraded with firmware uodates. There are great games right now and more coming, I use to own a 360 but got tried of hardware failures and poor CS from MS.
LJWooly  +   2921d ago
@ Patriots
Sounds like someone's on comission from Sony...
Daishi  +   2921d ago
So Patriots, the PS3 can format a HDD in 25seconds but you have to wait 21 minutes to play Devil May Cry 4?
(Sorry couldn't resist;)
NightVyper  +   2921d ago
i love some of these replies
I got shot in the face but it is okay because i got a new face free and they gave me a pair of sun glasses, also the guy who shot me brings me to work now.
wallace1000  +   2921d ago
Are the new "Falcons" fairing any better than the older 360 versions, does anyone know? My launch console died so i just had to send away and get a new one. If this happens to you just find a store that has a 15 day money back guarantee, go pick up a new 360 while your other one is getting replaced and just open the package nicely. Remove that box and use your existing hardware with it until your new one returns and then return the store one within 15 days :-) Works like a charm. I think a large part of the problem though is that in the US they repair your box right? In Canada they don't have a repair center so they just send you a new one. They just need to chuck the old ones away.
LevDog  +   2921d ago
What Frank should have Told Kevin is " Kevin it will take months to fix this problem.. So in the mean time there is a better option for you.. Go to your local best buy and get a PS3.. You wont have to buy any extra attachments.. Blu ray standard.. HDMI standard.. WIFI standard.. REchargable controllers standard.. GO buy a Ps3 and when this xbox thing gets resolved WE WILL CALL YOU... Oh by the way.. PSN is free and doesnt crash Niether does the system.. Have a great day kevin.. And please leave us alone.. I got other RRODs to deal with.. BYE"
BLACKJACK VII  +   2921d ago
I wish he stated exactly what content this involved. Did he lose his gamertag somehow ??? I replaced my 360 with an Elite & redownloaded all my content (from gamerpics to game dlc = everything I ever bought from XBL)without any problems whatsoever... even the arcade games allowed me to redownload them & did not charge me 1 M$ point.

This guy must have a unique problem where his online gamer proflie stored on the M$ network has somehow lost track of everything he purchased ? Very unusual. I know 3 or 4 guys who had RROD & recovered everything just as I did.

Either way, sucks for him.... craptastic customer service for M$.
ip-student  +   2921d ago
The issue is different
Apparently, when you redownload the stuff you can only play it while logged into Live (because the DRM requires the original serial number or the login information). To my way of thinking, this is a simple matter - simply reassociate the DRM with the new serial number and delete the old serial number from the system. Don't know why it is such a big deal.

Anyway - the moral of the story is that if you are going to link your hardware to DRM - the hardware better be rock solid or there are going to be a lot of pissed people.

MS is not the only one doing this - a number of people have purchased subscriptions to music services only to find the service go away - leaving them without music. That is why I prefer to buy CDs and burn them myself. Still, DRM continues to be a major pain in the butt for everyone involved. You can blame all the crackers that would rather make an illegal copy (which is bad) and then use the copy to sell other copies (stealing sales).
Jdoki  +   2921d ago
You might be interested to try this Blackjack to see if it works or not...

Disconnect your new Xbox from the internet and try running those XBLA games you bought and re-downloaded from Live.

You may find they have all reverted back to Demo status. Reconnect to internet and they'll magically reappear as full purchased games again...

The problem isn't re-downloading it's being able to use them while disconnected from Live, or under a different profile on the same Xbox.
gamesR4fun  +   2921d ago
amazed the m$ service guys can even talk english lol

360 + waste of time and money unless your lucky or smart enough to mad it so that it wont overheat.... then ofcourse they ban you from live for running a modded box.......
DarkSniper  +   2921d ago
Bubbles for Kaz Hirai
These very actions gives even more documented proof to Dark Sniper's claims of the Microsoft Tyranny and their slave driving ethics. Microsoft is well aware that they made their console a defective piece of dumpster juice when it was released on 11/22/05. Even more so, Microsoft brought in people from outside countries to absorb the wrath of millions of customers across the globe. These very people who speak little to no English are getting paid a minimum wage amount for taking the backlash of over 5 million people worldwide. This is modern day slavery.

But for every problem there is a solution. PLAYSTATION® 3 offers consumers an easy to use and intuitive online interface with our Playstation® Network services. Unlike Xbox live, when you purchase an item from the Playstation® store, you are able to make payments in solid dollar amounts and you never will be forced to purchase more points than you need for one item.

More importantly in relevance to this topic. If the rare occassion occurs that your PLAYSTATION® 3 is in need for repairs, you can always re-download all of your content that you have purchased on your brand new PLAYSTATION® 3 at no charge. You are able to perform this function up to a limit of 5 downloads.

Thank you Sony Computer Entertainment for provided your customers with an online friendly infastructure which at no charge gives you less hassle than the garbage premium services of XBOX Live.

The choice is yours to make. Dark Sniper's heart is with PLAYSTATION® 3. What about yours?

#14 (Edited 2921d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Reggie Fils- Aime  +   2921d ago
who cares about 5 downloads when the Wii offers an unrivaled gaming experience at an affordable price
Kaz Hirai  +   2921d ago
What do you say, DarkSniper?
Shall we deprive this Nintendo GOOSE of his bubbles? Like the PIGS, he clearly cannot comprehend the majesty of the PerfectionStation 3!

Hatchetforce  +   2921d ago
Yeah Reggie, $5 greedy dollars for the Wii Opera browser. Microsoft doesn't have one and Sony's browser is free so yes, you have no rival at ripping people off.
Reggie Fils- Aime  +   2921d ago
are you a moron hatchetforce

the Wii is much cheaper than the other two pieces of crap, the games are cheaper and better

the Wii is the future, you cannot fight it
Lagbox plzfixme  +   2921d ago
Reggie, enjoy your wii. Enjoy your last-gen visuals. Enjoy your "cool gameplay". Too bad the "coolness" of the controller goes away after about 2 days. Then you realize that you're playing your games will a tv remote.
#14.5 (Edited 2921d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Play B3yond  +   2921d ago
"are you a moron hatchetforce

the Wii is much cheaper than the other two pieces of crap, the games are cheaper and better

the Wii is the future, you cannot fight it"

Hatchetforce is a moron because hes stating the truth that the PS3 web browser kicks the wii browsers ass?

Lol the wii is get what you pay for.

Wii is the future? nice graphics ya got there...reminds me of my N64

Cannot fight it? Wii has no violent games so i dont know why youre talking about fighting
thedude17655  +   2921d ago
Dear Reggie
i understand those three games (good games that is) on your wii are really fun and what not. but please tell me how your HD movies are looking?

don't worry i have time, i can wait.
StrboyM  +   2921d ago
"Wii has no violent games so i dont know why youre talking about fighting"

he just called you a poser son!!!!

you have to defend yourself....nerd!!
Vip3r  +   2921d ago
Reggie must be the first ever Wii fanboy I've ever seen in this area.

Bull5hifT  +   2921d ago
KEVIN went out and smashed his 360 with a sledge hammer and chainsaw'd what survived
then poured gasoline on it and lit it, then he spit on it and told it how much it sucks

and bought a ps3 the next day
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Bull5hifT   2921d ago | Spam
Bull5hifT   2921d ago | Spam
LJWooly  +   2921d ago
Both of you, get a life.
ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW   2921d ago | Spam
power of Green  +   2921d ago
Its just a revenge post probably dug up because of the PS3 posts that seem negitive.

The topic is a duplicate story but I guess looking for and finding every experiance with the issue is not.
#17 (Edited 2921d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
rofldings  +   2921d ago
Whatever you say, Mr. Microsoft-stockholder
Reggie Fils- Aime  +   2921d ago

you cant even spell negative properly

the Wii and DS can educate you young one
Bull5hifT  +   2921d ago
the Wii also offers unsurpassed graphical power and new franchchises that never get over used
and a scratched up screen to write on with n64 graphic's cause the past is the bestest, and technology is meant to lag far behind

if you wanna play every game ever with a gun con, cause its soo easy to use, its the future......

so the wii 2 will have xbox graphics and, the ds 2 will have dreamcast graphics, .......with a squishy ball and a old nike shoe as controllers....MUST BUY!!! :)

mario: toilet troubles, mario whip:rims edition, zelda:the girlish boy
metroid: alien space fighter ultimate rocket hand edition,
super murder bro's: Cage match ,

im bored, ima go play call of duty 4, See ya
ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW  +   2921d ago
@Reggie Fils- Aime - Hehe, that made me laugh.. But, they don't care if they can't spell good. All that matters is that they get the word out for the almighty console.. that they so worship.
jinn  +   2921d ago
all fingers on Bill Gates
LevDog  +   2921d ago
Reggie I hope that is a Self Photo.. Anyways your love for the WII is obvious.. As I am a NES fan.. I cant say it will win out.. ITs too 1D.. The Wii remote is fun for about a week.. but games like SMASH BROS (one of my favs) will be a top seller and wont even use the wii remote.. (well it will but true gamers wont use it)... For Nintendo to beat out Ps3 and even 360 they need to make more games that DONT use the WII remote.. and the only reason any true gamer would buy a Wii is for 2 games maybe 3.. Smash bros Mar Kar and Mar party.. Other than that there is no long term for Wii.. Ps3 will out.. the psp and ps3 combo is amazing.. Accessing your XMB via internet is awesome..its a portable media hub and the fact that I can access my PSEYE anywhere in the world and see who is my room is freaking Tight.. Rant Complete
Bull5hifT  +   2921d ago
that feature with checking in with your playstation eye , is only possible if you buy one of those screensavers,....otherwise you cant

i used to be able before firmware 2.10 but i guess sony fixed it

anyways the screen savers only $2 ,to check in on your cheating wife, and catch her when she wants to divorce you and take half your money , and having proof she sucks to show the judge
#20.1 (Edited 2921d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mariusmal  +   2921d ago
geesh. i tought this was a non fanboy zone
Julie  +   2921d ago
Same Here
Thats why i did join, i got confused by the non fanboy secction that is certainly a total lie...seems that this place is still full of insults and childish comments oh Well...pretty informative there any moderator or something here..seems like not...
mariusmal  +   2919d ago
yeah i got lured by the promise of no flamming or no childish insults... funny thing is that the fanboys keep coming here... maybe they feel lonely.
avacadosnorkel  +   2921d ago
This is a wierd story. Sucks to be that kid, that's all I can say about it. Doesn't make much sense otherwise
Nathaniel_Drake  +   2921d ago
Xbox live gold member
You all pay $50 dollars a year for your subscription, what if they used that $50 or some of it as an insurance policy, so if this thing happens they can give you back the amount of money needed to repurchase the Live content. I don't know just a thought.
Pain  +   2921d ago
Microsoft Has No Answer For Their Broken XBOX '360' (Title Fixed)
but i'm lying they do have a answer its called~ No Comment
OC Shock Value  +   2921d ago
Moment Of Truth and Sadness
I really wish my 3rd 360 didnt die.. it ALMOST lasted long enough to play Mass Effect.. I really wanted that.. With all the problems tho.. Its like buying a 360 is asking for trouble.. You feel good you got a new one, but know your time is limited.. When it broke the final time i was a sad man as i sold my gears and Halo 3.. If they ever fix the hardware (hopefully before gears 2) OC ShockValue will make his Grand Return to XBOX LIVE
LJWooly  +   2921d ago
Funny how everyone with RRoD experience is on their third 360. I thought Microsoft said the failure rate was 33%...

Two possible explanations;
1) You're all liars.
2) Microsoft are liars.

Well, the first one is obviously the likeliest... wait, hang on a minute...
#25.1 (Edited 2921d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Shaka2K6  +   2921d ago
So the xbots get raped by microsuck yet again.
Yeah for like the 1000000th time hahahahahaha.
Rusted  +   2921d ago
This place is a circus!! hahahahahahah
Lagbox plzfixme  +   2921d ago
The only thing that reminds me of a circus is the xbox 360. Its such a joke, it reminds me of clowns.
leon76  +   2921d ago
7.1 - i'm so agree with you!!!1
#27.2 (Edited 2921d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
lildave0500  +   2921d ago
i am sick and tirde of microsoft making bad game make some new fresh game GOD!!!!!!!!
BLUR111  +   2921d ago
wow every 360 article is flooded with sonyfanboys
I guess blu ray is not enough for u maybe u need some games or lives. because u have all ruined this gaming site with ur stupid internet lingo like the XBOT term lol ur the robots. and the only thing u can talk shlT about xbox is of it system problems which are fixed and yes ms did rushed it out to get the head start. WHY CARE ABOUT SELLS. JUST PLAY SOME FREAKING GAMES!!
trancefreak  +   2921d ago
I wanted a next gen console desperately couldn't hold out for the ps3 my fingers were itching for some new gaming. Picked up that beautiful xbox 360 with a 3 year best buy warranty boy was that the best warranty ever purchased. When i got my brand new 4th last june i folded and sold the sucker for a brand new ps3 with no extended warranty. unfortunately I had an audio playback problem with my ps3 and i i had 2 send it to el Paso but it was a week and a 1/2 return time for the refurbish 60gb ps3 which has been great ever since . At that time i thought all these consoles were crap breakin on me. But im still on my 2nd ps3 and committed. If my xbox 360 didnt break i probably would waited longer to get a ps3. I really shocked that all these xboxs break and that it is still a problem this far into its lifecylce. sad
ROCCOZILLA  +   2921d ago
i cant belive people still pay for online gaming,lol.PLAY B3YOND!!
Play B3yond  +   2921d ago
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