Lionhead evolving into 'Entertainment as a Service' studio

Job vacancy hints Fable developer's future might be an MMO

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NYC_Gamer1951d ago

MS setting up Lionhead to create digital only games?

Jazz41081951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

It sounds like an mmo with constant dl support and that is what is rumored anyways. A rpg brand new ip with mmo elements for the next xbox.

3-4-51951d ago

Sounds awesome really.

If they launched with something like that it would blow the competition out of the water, if done correctly.

We always get mediocre or ok games at launch.

We need a unanimous 9.4/10 type game on Launch Day.

No_Pantaloons1951d ago

Every company wants their WoW goldmine.

ChunkyLover531951d ago

This is old news, they were hiring people with MMO experience last year. We know they are working on at least two projects right now.

DiRtY1951d ago

old news is old. Still waiting for a console MMO that actually rocks.

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