ESA, IIPA slam Canada for not fixing copyright "deficiencies"

In the 2008 "Special 301" the IIPA has strong words for, surprisingly, Canada.

"Canada has taken no meaningful steps toward modernizing its copyright law to meet the global minimum standards of the WIPO Internet Treaties, which it signed more than a decade ago," the IIPA claims. "In 2007, the parliamentary leadership and the government, at the highest levels, acknowledged many of these deficiencies, and the government listed copyright reform among its top legislative priorities. But these encouraging statements have not yet evolved into anything more concrete."

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chester3751d ago

yep, we're a bunch of freakin rebels up here.

wageslave3751d ago

The "Prime Minister" is a corporate sellout, and if Canadians arenet careful, we are going to end up with a DMCA-like.

The DMCA is actually the local law for to implement a WIPO treaty.

Of note for those who dont know, the WIPO is a UN sanctioned organization, but has been totally undermined by the MPAA and RIAA membership, the MPAA / RIAA is writing the treaties and using their money to establish international law.

When you hear WIPO, think MPAA and RIAA member Corporations and thank them for this copyright and DMCA nightmare. Corporations like Vivendi, Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal, Sony and others.

Kakkoii3750d ago

I love my country :).

I would be so pissed if the laws were changed tho.. Not that they'd really effect me anyways. Those laws only effect the casual pirates. The ones who don't know there pirates lol. Like 40 year old moms who were told by there child about a program to download music :P.