PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta PS Vita Screenshot Gallery

The PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale beta became available for PS Vita (everyone) and PS3 (PS+ only) owners yesterday, with 6 characters and 2 stages available to fight with.

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Dante1121976d ago

Looks like a blast. Can't wait to play it after the beta is released to everyone.

TrendyGamers1976d ago

It's out on Tuesday for all PS3 owners.

xursz1976d ago

Not sure why anyone would disagree with you. I looked it up and it does in fact come out on tuesday for all ps3 users. Have a bubble for being helpful.

googergieger1976d ago


Maybe some people don't believe in Tuesday?

Acquiescence1976d ago


Gotta get down on Friday.

abzdine1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I LOVED the beta too !!!
Parappa is so sweet I enjoyed myself playing this game. This game will kick ass for sure.

Ok! It could seem a bit messy between the super animated backgrounds and the different things happening on screen but i'm sure with some practice it will do it !! I love the Ratchet & Clank boxes we have to break to find things in them. Reminded me a bit of Power Stone, another super game in the same style !

Relientk771976d ago

Can't wait til this game comes out

BringingTheThunder1976d ago

seeing captain qwark attacking a hydra is priceless

Relientk771976d ago

Captain Qwark's hilarious

TrendyGamers1976d ago

I got distracted watching him and the hydra fight way too many times.

abzdine1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

They really spend a huge amount of time just working on what is happening in the background. SuperBot nailed it it's the least i can say.
I imagine myself in the train already and playing this on my VITA and come home and resume from my PS3!!!!

Neo Nugget1976d ago

I'm enjoying this a lot more than the last beta! Definitely gonna buy it on day numero uno!

fabod861976d ago

Day one buy anche per me... lol
Cheers Italy! :)

DeletedAcc1976d ago

Beta is so much fun! :D
Kratos is really badass.

Agheil1976d ago

People who use Radec and sit on the corners of the map and just blast all day annoy me.....I still whoop em up nicely tho haha

Studio-YaMi1976d ago

So damn true ! I do the same too,uppercut them with Parappa :D !

Then you end up in another game with 2 Radecs -_- ...

Bunch of half a**ed noobs ..!

Ultr1975d ago

just get to them closecombat... I snipe allday, but when someone comes close, like kratos...that is annoying!

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The story is too old to be commented.