The Club: Xbox 360 Vs PlayStation 3

VideoGamer writes: "The Club surprised us all last week. We just weren't expecting its arcade-style gameplay to be so addictive. There's no question that you should buy the game, no matter which system you own, but what if you have the choice between the Xbox 360 version and PlayStation 3 version? We're going to compare the two games in four key areas: Graphics, Sound, Gameplay and Multiplayer. Read on for the definitive verdict on which is the best".

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spandexxking3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

IMO the club actually has a really good idea behind it. a proper arcade shooter.
plus the "headshot" voice is intense

boring article though

Joey Gladstone3567d ago

i think if they were trying so hard to give it an arcade style, then they should have made it for the arcades , not consoles........So in regards to which version (PS3 or 360) looks best I give it a solid MEH......
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

eLiNeS3567d ago

(__)Bubbles(__) Jason 360

The PofS3 can't handle the Xbox 360 and the power it brings.

Jump In or W A I T for better graphics B E Y O N D!

lawman11083567d ago

"the Xbox 360 game is victorious in the Graphics category. A smoother frame rate and a crisper image make it the version to own if you're after the best visual quality."


Kleptic3567d ago

some of you guys really should read through those articles he just posted...its pretty funny...and if you don't think you are in the middle of exactly that right now, you might want to find another hobby...

iAmPS33567d ago

Dumb ass developers are just too dumb to untap the PS3 power, look at Uncharted, R&C, R2, KZ2, MGS2 all games that are impossible on the 3FixMe. That's proof enough for me.

ambientFLIER3567d ago

Impossible on the 360, LOL...I must have missed the article where the developers said that...

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Jinxstar3567d ago

Its like comparing Turds...

lawman11083567d ago

the Xbox 360 game is victorious in the Graphics category. A smoother frame rate and a crisper image make it the version to own if you're after the best visual quality.

Ha-ha power of the cell my A$$

slpknt6sic63567d ago

how many 360 games look better than killzone 2 or uncharted..... none so i hope you stfu before you get pwned. this game is crap by the way...

LaChance3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

it was fun at the beggining but now its getting quite boring
it will be 99% the same game on both consoles

Mr Marbles3567d ago

These comparisons are very valuable to folks who have both consoles and would like to know which version runs the best and which version to buy.

People like you would have no problem with these comparisons if they all came out in favor of the PS3, you would be posting them as news every single time one popped up, so just stop with the whining, we can all see clean through you guys. This is a valuable service that most gaming sites are afraid to provide.

JVIDICAN3567d ago

you just attacked one of your fellow 360 fans XD

Panthers3567d ago

Marbles, I would argree with you; however, nearly every single comparison is biased towards one side or the other.