GamesBeat's gallery of New York Comic Con’s often quirky, sometimes beautiful cosplay

Do you know the three Cs of comic cons? Comics (obviously), celebrities (buy their expensive autographs so that they pretend to acknowledged your existence for five seconds), and cosplay (nerd talk for costumes).

I’m partial to the cosplay. Sometimes stunning, often hilarious, this gallery features some of the best costumed attendees at the recent New York Comic Con, with a couple of other odds and ends

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MultiConsoleGamer2073d ago

I love cosplay. It makes any convention more fun.

Sadie21002073d ago

That first Wonder Woman pic...she is GORGEOUS. Exactly how I imagined a real-life Wonder Woman would look.

illegalyouth2073d ago

That is one brave dude. Kudos, good sir.

wita2073d ago

Oh man, some of those are ... well, yeah.

davidfca2073d ago

Holy god, I'd swear the Wonder Woman dude was Dave Halverson.

Lifeequals422073d ago

I do love experiencing Comic Con vicariously.

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