Amazon Lists 7 Wii U Games For December 4th, Including 007 Legends & Rayman Legends

With the Wii U releasing on November 18th and the launch line up set, it’s time to look forward to all those launch window games.

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Relientk771656d ago

Though this is unconfirmed this release date is probably correct, anyway

TrendyGamers1656d ago

I hope so for Rayman Legends, I don't want to wait till next year for it.

BringingTheThunder1656d ago

i guess itll be a way for these games to avoid being lost in the mix?

Dante1121656d ago

Decent launch lineup. Isn't ZombieU releasing during the Wii U's launch as well?

TrendyGamers1656d ago

Yeah, ZombiU will be out on November 18th.