Nintendo to Sue PETA Over Animal Abuse Claim?

PETA has recently attacked Pokémon Black and White Version 2 for the reason of them believing that Pokémon was promoting animal abuse. Nintendo responds to the attack on their property with choice words.

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Kur01864d ago

Can't Nintendo sue them for using Pokemon in the first place? I don't see how they got permission to use them for a game.

G33K1864d ago

They should be able to but, this is PETA. You have to realize in PETA's eyes a cow has more rights than a human.

Nerdmaster1863d ago

I prefer PETA saying that cows have more rights than humans, over human rights saying that criminal have more rights than honest people.


Nintendo is about to Teabag PETA!

MultiConsoleGamer1864d ago

Good. I hope this really hurts PETA financially.

TheSuperior 1864d ago

Lol even though PETA may be a little outlandish with their accusations but to sue them is a little mean. I mean really they are a charity so during them might affect more than just them but the animals that they help.

Pozzle1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Wasn't it recently discovered that PETA puts down the majority of their 'rescued' animals (iirc it was some ridiculous number above 90%) despite most of them being perfectly healthy and capable of being re-homed?

Edit: Nevermind, I found it...

"According to the documents received by CCF, they show that PETA, which is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, has killed more than 27,000 animals since 1998. Those animals killed by PETA represent nearly 95% of those that were supposedly rescued by the group. CCF said that last year PETA found homes for only 24 pets while killing nearly 2,000 cats and dogs. Furthermore, the report indicates that nearly 85% of the animals rescued by PETA are destroyed within the first 24 hours and before they can even try to locate a new home for them.

In 2005, two PETA employees were arrested by police who observed them throwing the dead carcasses of dogs and cats into a dumpster in North Carolina. It was learned that the animals had been killed in the back of the PETA van before being dumped."


If that is indeed true, then that's just gross imo. I hope its not true though. Because so many people who can no longer look after their pets would be giving them up to PETA, believing they will be given a good home, when in reality they're just being killed. :(

linkratos1864d ago

Wow this is really sad :( I mean I always thought PETA was kind of crazy but I assumed they at least did some good. That's terrible.

rpd1231863d ago

What the fuck is wrong with those people? How can you just kill animals like that? How anyone can be that heartless and hypocritical is beyond me.

sashimi1864d ago

Yeah seriously in what universe does PETA help animals? its all just a scam to get donations!

ChickeyCantor1863d ago

It's not a scam to get donations. The founder of PETA is seriously just F'ed up. And there are people actually agreeing with her.

PETA = hypocrites.

Pushagree1864d ago

Not only that, but they have been caught serveral times funding and endorsing people who have vandalised, blown up, and even set fire to to animal testing facilities and are listed as a terrorist threat because of it. PETA are about as ethical as those "pro-life" zealots that bomb abortion clinics.

hkgamer1864d ago

Not really sure how big PETA is or what they actually do(think they only big in US), but using pokemon and other big franchises and slander them is off limits. PETA gets away from so much crap and should be sued for something.

PETA just seems like some religious cult where the top execs are cashing in on the donations. I mean what exactly does PETA do apart from going crazy over small things? Do people actually care about the bad reputation PETA get?

cpayne931864d ago

PETA is one of the most worthless organizations there is. They need to go.

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tiffac0081864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

How the heck can you do animal abuse on a digital and fictional species? ITS A GAME!

hkgamer1864d ago

PETA just seems to do anything just to promote themselves. I mean they have done a good job just to get everyone to know PETA, but I just don't see them creating a good image for themselves

tiffac0081863d ago

Well someone just disagreed with us. So I guess for that person, you can abuse a digital and fictional species. ROFL!

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