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Borderlands 2 Patch Notes On New Playstation 3 Patch

TGH Writes: "Borderlands 2 continues to improve and perfect the formula which was released many weeks ago. The great group over at Gearbox is not only hard at work at future DLC but also patches to improve gameplay across all platforms. Today, a new patch is set to hit Playstation 3 to improve and fix various aspects of gameplay." (Borderlands 2, PS3)

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Rob946  +   673d ago
Still gotta pick this game up! Looks brilliant!
camel_toad  +   673d ago
I really wish they'd patch the vending machines to match your current level. The side missions keep your level higher than the main missions so every time you come across a vending machine the items are always about 3 levels too low sucking the life out of caring about awesome random items.

Even in new game+ i always seem to be 3 levels higher than the drops and the vending machines.
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HebrewHammer  +   673d ago
But will it give me back my 10,000 Badass Rank that was deleted?

DavidMacDougall  +   673d ago
Already traded mine in, i dont like going to DLC one at a time with a fully leveled character, i'd rather buy the GOTY edtion and do all them and replay the main story in a year or so.
Detoxx  +   673d ago
Your loss
DavidMacDougall  +   673d ago
Explain? My choice and i like it, you mean if i made it for you you'd be losing out?
Wigriff  +   673d ago
I'm kind of shocked that they haven't nerfed "The Bee" yet.
yess  +   673d ago
Why should they, it's up to people them self to get "The Bee" or not.

It is for people to beat the bosses easy, i choose to play the hard way with what i find randomly, and all the major bosses has fallen with a nice challenge.

I don't need "The Bee", so why nerf it???
Wigriff  +   673d ago
I didn't say that they should nerf "The Bee," I said "I'm kind of shocked that they haven't nerfed "The Bee" yet." Those are two completely different statements.

Additionally, it was Randy Pitchford on his @DuvalMagic Twitter account who said "Bee shield is so getting nerfed." It has yet to be determined if he was being sarcastic.
DarkZane  +   673d ago
You're not gonna beat the two new invincible bosses in the DLC as easily as terramorphous. They're a lot harder.

Or rather, the bee doesn't break anything, terramorphous was just too easy to begin with.
Detoxx  +   673d ago
Why nerf it? It only is usefull when you're fighting a big boss
EyeGlitch  +   673d ago
Are we sure it's not nerfed? I don't want to dowload it till I know for sure.
Nightfallen  +   673d ago
Still no fix for the badass rank reset on characters on same account. I play with my girlfriend and we beat the game once but each time she plays her badass rank resets to 0 and her customization items disappear. This is usually because badass rank is shared to all characters on one account but wasn't taken into consideration about playing splitscreen on the SAME account. Her badass rank is there if she is the primary character but when she is secondary it gets reset.

Gearbox knows this issue and hopefully it gets fixed, very frustrating.
Wigriff  +   673d ago
Why don't you just have her make her own profile and play from it? That's what my girlfriend does, and she retains 100% of her progress always playing split-screen...
Nightfallen  +   673d ago
Can I transfer over the saves? I do not want her to start over. (I never had more than one account, so I'm not sure how this works.)
vickers500  +   673d ago
Yeah, it is very frustrating, though I only use split screen to transfer items between characters, because backpack/bank/locker space is absolutely atrocious in this game. They make all these unique weapons with unique properties and novelties, but they only give you a small amount of space to keep things in.
r21  +   673d ago
Gonna get this game today >:D Since I wont be getting Gaige any time soon, I'll be using Axton since they're about the same.
ISNeko  +   673d ago
Happily, I haven't had any issues at all with them game, save for some online co-op hosting weirdness.

I'm guessing it was Steam because it was telling us Steam servers were unavailable.
mydyingparadiselost  +   673d ago
So, anyone on here should know that if your game's B.A. Rank is glitched there may be a silver lining. I pre ordered and got the free golden key for my profile, and my game is glitched. ANY character loaded to the second player from that same profile gets a key, but loses any customs/B.A. rank. So,if you've already lost your B.A rank or don't care about it you can open the chest as much as you want. You have to use the key then and there cause they don't stack (i.e. load and get a key, quit and load again you will not have two keys) and it may just be for people that pre ordered or have already gotten at least one key, but I would love to know if it works for anyone else.
Also, I'm playing on PS3, I have no clue about other systems
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deeznuts4eatin  +   670d ago
does anyone lose audio during play and if you try to leave map the game freeze up?

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