Why GTA is great

PS3 Blognet writes: "There have been a ton of great titles on the PS3 thus far, but for myself and many other PS3 fans, GTA 4 is the big one. This has been and continues to be my most anticipated title since the launch of the PS3.

It's Funny I've never laughed more than when playing GTA. The game does a complete rendition of a living city and absolutely everything is just dripping with sarcasm. The talk shows, the rock DJs, the pedestrian clothing fashion, the reactions of some drivers when you steal their car, or hit them in traffic, the reactions of shoppers when you drive a motorcycle through the mall in Vice City, the hookers, the missions (remember the donkey pornography mission in GTA3?), even the cars, guns, and violence are done in a very sarcastic manner.

Humor is highly subjective, but to me, many of the imitators (True Crime, Driv3R, and to a lesser extent even Saint's Row) show what happens when you try to be funny and completely miss the mark."

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spandexxking3753d ago

because its GTA and it frickin rules!

InMyOpinion3753d ago

Exactly. Do we need this article to know why?

LOFT3163753d ago

The first and only game of its kind for a long time and the sequals got bigger and better
Its like this Saints row was a very good game but it aint no GT and never will be

Mr PS33753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Just Fu*kin is

DarkSniper3753d ago

Grand Theft Auto is considered one of the premiere franchises due to the Playstation brand's attributes. With true next generation designs for it's time, Grand Theft Auto III was fully visualized with the PS2's hardware.

Same can be said about Grand Theft Auto IV. Microsoft simply paid 50 million for this exclusive content as a disguise. The truth behind the matter is the inferior XBOX 360 port has frame rate hiccups, and severe jaggies that have derailed the true version which is being developed for PLAYSTATION® 3.


OpiZA3753d ago

Lol. I think it's more likely that Sony paid you 50 mil to make such paranoid fanboyish nonsense.

OC Shock Value3753d ago

GTA is great due to the simple fact that it is GTA...

This should never be brought up or questioned again!

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The story is too old to be commented.