What Constitutes A True "Murder Simulator"?

Gaming Steve writes: "As Grand Theft Auto IV approaches release everyone's favorite lawyer, Jack Thompson, has made his usual unspecified legal threats against the release of the game. In these threats he once again refers to any Grand Theft Auto game as a "murder simulator."

I've been working with simulator programs for the US Army for about six years now, which I believe makes me an expert on exactly what a simulator is, what a simulation does, and what the goals of these simulators. Comparing these simulators to GTA it cannot in truth be called either a "murder simulator" or a "murder simulation" in any sense.

"Simulators" are devices used to mimic the actions and functions of a real thing, a real situation, or both. A flight simulator will typically have a mock-up of the interior of the aircraft being trained, and usually involves some sort of realistic motion. This is because they need the skills in the simulator to map to the actual skills being trained, including certain motor skills when finding and adjusting instruments.

With this in mind, what kind of simulator would be a "murder simulator"?

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Excalibur3569d ago

A very well written article. One Jack Thompson and Fox news ought to take a long and hard look at.

Here’s the thing, until we as a society start placing blame where the actual blame is (as in the individual actually committing the act) and stop trying to blame everyone/everything for someone doing stupid things, we will always have plenty of Jack Thompsons to go around.

Think about it, how many murders do we hear about every day? Tons.
So a guy is watching Gilligan’s island right before he goes out and murders someone so does that make it the fault of the makers of Gilligan’s island? No.
It makes it the fault of the crazy SOB committing the crime. It doesn’t matter if he was playing counter strike or watching Gilligan’s island, whatever sets people off is gonna set them off, they have a screw loose.

Bottom line I don’t need an idiot like Jack Thompson trying to make a Nerf world for me. That’s the problem.
People have become so thin skinned it’s always someone or something else’s fault and never take responsibility for their own actions.

ban fans3569d ago

I agree with you completely. The best thing we as gamers can do is educate people about our hobby. Older generations don't understand it and thus, on some levels, fear this rising industry. The opposition has had a chance to give their side, now it is time for us to give ours.

On the blame front, you are completely correct. I would also like to add the lack of role models in today's society. We have sexually deviant priests, arsonist firefighters, corrupt politicians, child molesting teachers and drug addicted policeman. Who do children look up to today? It is sad, but it is a social disease, not a technological one.

Mattearl3569d ago

That Jack guy is a real piece of work. "Murder Simulator" hahahahah.

leftyhookz3569d ago

good article, but it did not really get inot what would make a murder simulator. Perhaps, if there was a game that accurately simulated this act, it could serve to reduce overall crime.

If a killer could have access to a game that touted itself as a realsitic murder simulation would that not, in theory, serve as a substitute to actually murdering someone?

I realize that this also ridiculous, but, perhaps doctors will start to reasearch in this field. If a virtual simulation could make you feel like you scored a touchdown in the superbowl, or stike out Joe DiMagio then it may have other benefits to our society. It could possibly satisfy a person's interest in violence and thus cure them before they actually become a real life killer.

ban fans3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

I studied psychology in college, and the problem with these type of people who kill for their own amusement is that their appetite can not be sated. If they get a taste through a game, they will eventually move on to the real thing. Just as with most serial killers, each progressive killing only fuels their desire for the next, to get it "right" and to feel the exhilaration of taking another life. That's not to say a game can influence some one to move on to the real thing, it's that some one with this type of mind (with a screw loose to put it in layman's terms) will get there anyway.

And then in the case of the "revenge killer" like in school shootings, they are out to get that particular group of people that they feel have wronged them. There is no "virtual" cure for those feelings, and again, that person will not feel fulfilled until they release their anxieties on the people they feel deserve to be punished.

Think of it this way, you can't get the same level of excitement in a Nascar game as you would actually driving a Nascar.