January 2008 NPD Preview from Michael Pachter

January sales data for North America should be out on the 14th. Here are Pachter's predictions:

Wii: 420,000
DS: 350,000
Xbox 360: 290,000
PS3: 240,000
PSP: 200,000
PS2: 190,000
GBA: 5,000

Expected top software are Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Play, Call of Duty 4, Guitar Hero III, Rock Band, Burnout Paradise, and Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.

You can read Pachter's estimations and expectations in details at NeoGAF.

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spandexxking3752d ago

who cares what some one predicts cant we wait for the real numbers?

Lifendz3752d ago

Why this guy gets so much pub around here is B3yond me.

BigBoy20003752d ago

an article about predictions of a future article... what has this world come to?!

games4fun3752d ago

its ridiculous it doesnt matter what console you root for i cant believe that he has a job like that i could easily do his all you have to do is look at past sales and take into consideration one or two other variables ex.. what games were released and i could come up with something like that in less than an hour how much does this guy make?

wil4hire3752d ago

Everyone loved to make fun of the sales, but now look. I mean... are people going to stick to the argument down to when both are within 1k range of each other?

Game on.

OC Shock Value3752d ago

Please let the whole PS3 "told you so" thing go man.. Ur gonna start another pointless fight on here.. The last thing i need to see is fans of the 2nd and 3rd place console fighting over the #2 spot

Chris_GTR13752d ago

well at leased this guys predictions are more accurate than the BS vg chart makes up.

Marceles3752d ago

Wow, he even threw in a GBA prediction...he sure does work hard

/end sarcasm

ItsDubC3752d ago

ROFL foreal, they must be paying him overtime.

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The story is too old to be commented.