Call of Duty Elite will not launch with Black Ops 2 on Wii U

VG247 - "Call of Duty Elite will not be available for Wii U players when Black Ops 2 launches in November, Activision has confirmed to Kotaku."

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Benjamminkno1825d ago

Well, I suppose that would make this one the 'incomplete' version. It looks like this is the beginning of their efforts to sabatoge their own success. Now they can bitch about it not selling as well on WiiU.

Well Nintendo, this has to be the next nail in the coffin on your third party curse. Let's hope online play is decent.


yavorsv1825d ago

They will add Elite later...I hope. Nintendo won't let this happen. :/

GameLord081825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

"Call of Duty Elite will not launch with Black Ops 2 on Wii U."

It says "will not launch". It didn't say it'd never come. The Wii U'll probably get it as a free DLC pack within a few months of launch, seeing as it should've been included on-disk.

To me, Activision just seems to be everywhere right now. The Wii U port was essentially the last one developed, and it seems as though timing has just b*tch-slapped Activision all over. First, a muddled statement for native 1080p (or lack thereof), now this.

TheUndertaker851824d ago

Wow, all over the place.

ELITE isn't a DLC nor on any discs. ELITE is a standalone app that gets downloaded through either XBL or PSN. It isn't a game and doesn't entitle you to anything really outside of another way to track your stats/progress through multiple CoD titles.

Not to mention ELITE is already free to use if you so choose. Buying into the "Premium" for MW3 entitled users to get all the DLC for the MW3 season plus little perks like longer video clip uploads and more of them.

Thus probably why the WiiU is getting a later launch if one at all. There's really no point there. Many of the aspects of ELITE will not apply to the WiiU such as clan transference through titles nor stats from other CoD titles as that was not there for the Wii. I'd even go farther and say it probably has to do with the lack of details on the actual network infrastructure and general network workings of the WiiU.

So... Maybe Nintendo's actually to blame? I'd have to imagine developers need to know the full scope of the system before just jumping in.

jmc88881824d ago

Exactly, Elite has no bearing on the game itself. I would say overall it would be good to have. It probably will be added. If not in a few months, then probably by next year's CoD game.

But really Elite is a bit overblown, I logged into it like once. I'd rather spend time playing the game then looking at stats.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 sucking most that's its not on here....this ranks a 1.

GameLord081823d ago

Sigh. If you've been following the news lately, you'd know that Elite was supposed to come free with Black Ops II on Wii U, i.e. included on-disk. Yet they haven't delivered on that promise.

And nobody knows whether or not developers really have no idea whatsoever on Nintendo's online system, and seeing as it's only a month away from release, I'd say it's unlikely. We, as consumers, do not know the same things as developers do, and even if developers did know anything, they'd be prohibited from talking about it.

So, as of now, speculation comes to mind.

Neonridr1825d ago

Oh no, I won't be able to track my stats and prove that I am a bigger loser than I already am. *Sobs*

Seriously guys, the Elite service will come eventually, but I didn't even use the free version on my 360 for MW3, so I don't really care. The DLC will come, Activision just doesn't know how the eShop is working, but they will work it all out with Nintendo.

The first set of DLC won't come out for at least a couple of months, plus the 360 has a 1 month exclusivity for the DLC don't they? So there is tons of time.

1825d ago
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