5 reasons why Gears of War: Judgment will disappoint (and 5 reasons it won't)

The Plagued Gamer writes: "Being one of the most storied franchises of this generation, Gears of War is the very definition of ambition. Having several books, their own toy-line, a devoted fan-base and three solid games with a fourth on the way, Epic Games' blockbuster series has achieved every bit of success it's deserved. However, as important as Gears is, it's not without its glaring faults. Being fanatical Gears junkies ourselves, we're not so sure about Gears of War: Judgment. To play our point in as fair of a way as possible, we've compiled a comprehensive list of five solid reasons why Judgment is a bad idea, but with five more reasons why it's helping the series. So what are you waiting for? Let's do this!"

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Abash2009d ago

This is the only Gears game I just cant get excited for. Gears 3 ended things nicely and this just doesnt interest me really. I'll get it when it drops in price

Blankman852009d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth! I'm so incredibly meh for this game. It won't disappoint me because I'm not excited for it.
I wish they'd taken the time to make a new IP instead of just cashing in.
I apologise to those of you who are looking forward to the game, I don't doubt it will be enjoyable for you.

ChunkyLover532009d ago

Why would they waste resources on a new IP this late in the generation? Obviously most of Microsoft's first party studios have been working on next gen games for a while now.

I'd rather get the next great franchise on the Xbox 720 to be honest. I want to see something new on new hardware that impresses me the way Halo CE did with the original Xbox or the way Gears Of War did with the Xbox 360.

I'm happy that we are still getting these huge AAA blockbuster games this late, Gears Of War Judgment is a great way to send off the Xbox 360 into the sunset in my opinion. Most people originally bought a 360 for Gears and now we end the generation with a new Gears that tells Baird's story.

Its the same thing with God Of War Ascension, I'm always down for some God Of War, its clearly a way to get those fans to buy one last God Of War game on PS3 before the PS4 comes out.

I don't fault either company for doing that, I love good games, and lets be honest, more Xbox 360 owners are going to be happy with a Gears Of War title, as opposed to some niche new IP.

StrongMan2009d ago

Same here man. I just can't seem to get interested in this one.

yesmynameissumo2009d ago

The only Gears that disappointed me was 2. And that's where I left it. If Microsoft, who I'm currently speaking with, actually makes good on my 16 months dead 360, I may check out 3 and Judgement. Gears is a great series. Until then...wait for it to be released and played before you pass... Judgement! <sputter>Gah - bad jokes!</sputter>

ziggurcat2009d ago

zuh? an X360 doom article? *rubs eyes*

TekoIie2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

So basically according to this guy you should be disappointed at.... everything?

On top of that most of what was talked about was not "FULLY" talked about to support his point.

infestedandy2009d ago

There's good points in there, the negatives obviously required more elaboration.

How long do you need the article? Six pages? I love me some Gears, but I think these points are fair.

BigBoss19642009d ago

I love Gears of War especially 3, Judgement is just coming way too soon I mean Gears 3 turned a year old recently

grayfoxx8812009d ago

Got a good point. Judgement is a little too soon. I loved the original Gears to death, and 2 was pretty fun. I didn't care for 3, it didn't look like a Gears game to me. I won't be picking up Judgement, too burned out on this series.

animegamingnerd2008d ago

i am a big fan of gears but yeah i feel this is simply milking the franchise just like halo 4

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