The Future of Virtual Console: Why a Relaunch is a Good Idea

With the Wii U launching so soon everyone is very interested to see what Nintendo will do with their online services. One thing people are interested in is the future of the Virtual Console. Zack over at Nintendo Gamer Thoughts takes a look at why a relaunch of the service may be a good idea and why GameCube games need to come over to the new system.

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fourtwenty20092070d ago

The best virtual console is a PC emulator.

caseh2070d ago

Agreed, Virtual Console come about 10 years to late for me. Been playing emulators since around 1999. :o

fourtwenty20092070d ago

I'm currently playing all the Zelda games I missed via emulators.

Right now I'm playing Majora's Mask with High Res Textures in Project64.

I just finished Twilight Princess and before that Wind Waker both in Dolphin at 1080p.

People who don't play emulators don't know what they're missing.

3-4-52070d ago

No....arrow keys and keyboard can NEVER replace what a proper controller can do.

Please don't even try to argue it. I understand there are controllers you can use for PC.....It's still not the same. It ruins the experience for me.

Xof2070d ago

I don't understand why Nintendo was able to do such a passable job with the Wii's virtual console, yet fail so miserably with the DS and 3DS virtual consoles.

eagle212070d ago

Best downloaded games service in my opinion. Classic after classic! :)

t0mmyb0y2069d ago

And BS after BS. Instead of putting old games nobody cares about, give the ones people do.