Gamesradar- 007 Legends Review

Gamesradar- Bond’s latest shooter is barely kept afloat throughout the five-hour-long campaign, but while it has a smattering of good ideas, they’re buried beneath concepts so tired, you’ll have a hard time caring. It's a game filled with occasional highs and frequent lows--and you’ll be thrown between them so quickly and haphazardly that you’ll be lucky to make it through 007 Legends without whiplash.

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OhMyGandhi1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

is it really that difficult to make a good Bond game? especially on current hardware?
if Goldeneye was (and still is) so damned fun on hardware with incredible limitations, why the hell can't the same unique, inventive spirit be applied now?

this game was developed by "Eurocom", they know their stuff. I don't get it.

it's not like we are translating Pan's Labyrinth or The English Patient to videogames.

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GTRrocker6661950d ago

I liked the 007 games for PS2. Those were fun.

SaffronCurse1950d ago

Nightfire was pretty fun.