Kotaku- Nintendo Land is Much More Than A Glorified Instruction Manual for the Wii U

Kotaku- I already declared that Wii U launch game Nintendo Land is Nintendo's most important game of 2012 and it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to suggest it could be their best game. It's been an ok year for Nintendo releases, but it's not like the makers of Ocarina of Time and Wii Sports have recently released any instant classics.

Nintendo Land doesn't have to be that amazing to outshine, say, Kid Icarus: Uprising or Rhythm Heaven Fever. But maybe we don't have to handicap this thing or give Nintendo Land some sort of special launch-game caveats.

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zdkapl2041d ago

I think even Nintendo fans who didn't like the Wii series games will like this game. It is one big fan service game for Nintendo fans, and that is not a bad thing.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2041d ago

I keep seeing great hands-on reviews.

From what I have seen, the only part of that combo-o-games that looks bad is the Donkey Kong Tilt-based game.

BUT I think that the Zelda themed game looks like fun.

PopRocks3592041d ago

Played it at Comic-Con last week. Games like Mario Chase and the Luigi's Mansion game were the more fun ones. Metroid Blast is also probably my favorite. The Zelda one not so much. Having to share a life meter is kind of annoying, especially if your team is not that good.

AznGaara2041d ago

I was at NYCC too and played both the Metroid and Luigi's Manshion demos. It was definitely fun. I didn't get to try out the gamepad because the line for that, and the Wii-U section in general, was long and crowded. Its definitely a fun game, especially for a room full of friends, and it kind of reminds me of a reboot of Mario Party.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2041d ago

Thanks for the information.

I haven't read a review on Metroid Blast, good to know Samus' franchise is getting the good treatment.

I definitely can see what you mean about the 1 health meter - esp. if you have a jerk person that wants to fail to annoy you.

1-UP "Helpful" to Pop & Anz *SMB Midi Chime*

telekineticmantis2041d ago

from what i've seen, all the wii sports/party games that the wii had were fun, gamers are just deny the truth.