Why Sony Should Not, and Will Not, Leave the Hardware Business

Giuseppe Nelva of goes over the reason why Sony should not, and will not, leave the hardware business, contrary to what some argue.

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Burning_Finger1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Cause they are good at it and makes the most profit in their entire division combined.

phinch1554d ago

Sony will never leave the console race, those who think they will are just pissing in the wind

KMCROC1554d ago

Sega ,Atari ,colecovision & all those before them had those same thoughts but look how well that worked out.

telekineticmantis1554d ago

did you? Sony is a 166 billion dollar company, who is having a small in comparison struggle.

Back to my intended post.
OK I know I'm not the greatest business man, But what is the sense of making a cool TV, and pricing it at 25,000? Why create a cool AR/VR visor. and price it at $900, when the oculos rift might end up costing $200. In every electronic Division the price themselves out of competition, and no matter what they never learn.

bednet1554d ago

All the companies you mention were specialized in video games and consoles. Sony is a huge company that's got multiple income streams. They can take a whole lotta loss before calling it quits just like MS can.

Vickistheman1554d ago

Unless Sony blows their 13 trillion yen cash reserve(155 billion U.S. dollars), they aren't going anywhere.

phinch1553d ago

sega doesnt make everything from tv's, speakers all the way to batteries though does it...... Sony does

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Belking1554d ago

They may not leave the industry but they may not be producing hardware the way they used too. Times are changing for the industry.

ziggurcat1554d ago

uh oh... a pro-sony article.

expect 10 doom articles by the end of the day.

Abriael1554d ago

It's actually not a pro-sony article. It's simply a pro-gaming article. I honestly have trouble understanding how someone that loves *gaming* (on whatever platform) could want a major player of the industry to quit making consoles.

But of course, that's just me.

Anon19741554d ago

Yes, but the way the mentality of some seems to go, if an article isn't outright anti-Sony and proclaiming their doom it's automatically pro-Sony by default.

I really enjoyed this article. It was well thought out and offered some decent perspective on Sony as a company and their impact on the industry. It's refreshing to see an article offer such insight while I enjoyed their candour concerning the current state of gaming journalism and their recent attacks on everything Sony.

This was a worthwhile read.

dollison271554d ago

Why would Sony leave the games market? Its not their games division that is dragging them down, its the other divisions within the company that are doing it.

KMCROC1554d ago

But sadly it was those other divisions that allowed Sony to explore this Venture.

bednet1554d ago

Actually, Nintendo allowed Sony to explore this venture, which ended costing Nintendo their console supremacy until the Wii.

But you're also correct in saying this, since it's their expertise in CD players that got Nintendo interested in the first place.

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The story is too old to be commented.