Techtree: Apple MacBook Air Review

Techtree writes:

"After having read so much about the MacBook Air, it was (finally!) great to spend some time with it. It's a great product, worthy of the Apple lineage - and it's truly a lifestyle product. As far as the looks, sleekness, and oomph factor is concerned, it has no competition, but the geek in me has a few questions.

The MacBook Air has doubtless pushed the limits of product development to new heights, but this cosmetic miracle comes at a price. The USB port (or the absence thereof), for example, seems to have been a major sacrifice. The same goes for the LAN port; since we don't yet have high Wi-Fi penetration here, a physical LAN port is a must. Also, though the MacBook Air seems - based on the specs - almost as powerful as the MacBook, it's still too early to make a comment on the performance, and we won't rate it just yet."

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