Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in late March for Europe

Sony has told Eurogamer it's aiming for a late March release for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, with an exact date and price are still to be confirmed

The news comes on the heels of fresh speculation from a "release schedule" that apparently listed the game as coming out on 28th March, priced at GBP 24.99.

Sony has previously said GT5 Prologue will be out in the US on 17th April. However European plans are still being worked out.

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predator3719d ago

we get something before the americans from sony? thats a pleasent suprise.

sonarus3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

wtf thats unfair lol. Well even though its just a prologue sit back and watch GT sell like flames. PS3 may finally pass 360 in the UK over GT5 sales and once it passes i dnt expect it to go back. GT5 may jst be prologue but assuming the online works well i can definetly see it being a great success. I would laugh if prologue outsells forza 2 even though i am not suprised. Forza isnt a bad game but commo...this is Gran Turismo. every other driving game is only a toy

Bill Gates3719d ago

As much as I am jealous of this, I must say, it's good that Sony's switching it up a bit with games as far as where they get released first. This way everyone gets their turn to wait on certain games.

With that said, you Europeans betters start practicing, because Bill Gates is going to own every human soul in this game....AHAHAHHAHA

I can't wait till we get it.

resistance1003719d ago

For those who still think £24.99 is too much for this game. Amazon and are selling this game for £17.99.

predator3719d ago

still undecided though whether or not to get this, i mean i never thought myself paying for a demo/half a game. i might wait for the full version

LOFT3163719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

The game aint no Demo and it aint even a fraction of what the full game's gonna be
Is it worth £20 ?
IMO Yes !!
It Has about 40 races and 40 cars - five tracks with variations - and Online Play
And most of all it's GT !!
You know after the GT HD demo And The Prologue demo (from the japaneese store) your not gonna be dissapointed in the graphics department
And it will definatly fill in the gap you have to wait for the full version

sonarus3719d ago

its a half game but it has friggin online with 16 player races. Common which if i may mention the vastly superior xbox live cannot do. I was considering not getting it for a second then i realized the online fun i would be missing out.

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