Sony Takes down the New PlayStation Store

From "Well it looks like Sony’s gone back to the drawing board with the PlayStation Store. Earlier this morning, the new PlayStation Store which sports a metro design was released to the public in UK and AU territories, but now it’s been replaced by the old PlayStation Store."

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Dante1122012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

It was cool when I got on earlier (before everyone discovered the update). Fast, quick DLs, etc. When I got on this later again it was kinda slow (probably from a large amount of people logging on) and the search was off just a bit. Hope they sort things out by tomorrow. Loved the look of it.

Edit: When are the Americans getting the store update?

ikkokucrisis2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

If only rollbacks could be applied to other apps:


I'm talking about you!

hakis862011d ago

I'm not too sure how I feel about the new PS Store.
I think it looks really nice.

First thing I tried to do was search up "netflix", which I COULDN'T do, it stopped me at NE...?
So how do I find "apps" there, or even games, without knowing exactly what it's called?

And I kind of miss being able to browse by categories...
Anyone feel the same way?

Yi-Long2011d ago

... it takes a bit of getting used to. I feel the text is a bit too big and therefor less stylish than it should be.

Also, I'm in Holland, and it annoys me endlessly that the PSN-store is only available here in Dutch.

There should just be a setting to have english menus in the Dutch PSN store.

I really REALLY hate localisation.

inveni02011d ago

I agree. The latest Hulu sucks so bad. I can't even watch through an entire show without the app constantly stopping and buffering or locking up on the menu screen altogether with the video playing in the background. And what does it tell me? "Please check your connection."

20Mbps is enough for Netflix and Amazon Instant should be enough for Hulu.

I'm THIS close to canceling my sub. Just hoping they get it sorted soon. I really sort of blame Sony (not really) for letting the app through quality control.

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frankiebeans2012d ago

You're wrong I definitely discovered it before you did.

jon12342011d ago

woah...!! youre so cool, you found it first! your special... :)


ftwrthtx2012d ago

It's still up in Australia

Neko_Mega2012d ago

At best, I bet they are working out some bugs or problems. I just hope the download list is more easy to find the games and stuff I want.

Like if a game I have has add ons that I downloaded, they should be in one folder with the name of the game.

HarryMasonHerpderp2012d ago

Why take the store down for 24 hours and then not test to see if the store actually works before releasing it again?
Sometimes Sony really screw things up for themselves.

isarai2011d ago

No matter how much you test, things are not always certain. As someone who is just learning programming i completely understand why things like this happen when releasing things on a large scale, especially one network dependent.

hkgamer2011d ago

Quite hard to decipher what you are saying so I am presuming you are saying:
1. Sony should take down the store for 24 hours and run test to see the problem and then release it again.

2. Why hasn't Sony tested it for bugs before releasing it on the store for less then 24 hours and then taking it off again.

If you are saying 1. then yeah I agree, but I think they will set another proper date for the new look to go back up again.

if you are saying 2. then I'm pretty sure Sony has tested the fuck out of it, maybe they just messed up big time by releasing an older buggier version.

If none then just ignore my post.

Karum2011d ago

What he's saying i that no matter how much you test new software you can't catch every little bug or issue and it's only when it hits "mass market" that problems are found and that this is especially true with a networked product or networked software as it's impossible to internally test a networked product on the same scale as it being available to the entire userbase.

The same thing applies to updates for Windows or OSX and even apps you use on your smartphone or tablet etc.

violents2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

You can test all day long but that will never give you the same results as real world testing. Think of it this way, you can figure it out on paper and design it according to how it "should" work. You move to a testing stage and you get say one region working on it and you have say 400,000 people on the network now and you see proplems develop that you cant account for in closed system test and design stages. You take it back down make some tweaks and re release to test how the networks handle with large scale audience again. Its just the way you have to do it. No amount of testing will show you every single problem that millions of people accessing the same space is going to cause.

danimitsu2011d ago

I'm totally not saying this in a disrespectful way, so with all due respect, it would be a good idea to gain broader knowledge as to how modern technology works and functions. A basic understanding of programming and quality assurance can give people a better perspective and understanding for this kind of stuff. Basically, it's a long, long, never ending process. It's more than just "testing for bugs" ... plus sometimes there are issues that can only be observed and researched in large scale tests, such as open-betas, but this is a network store update, not a game. A "beta" of a store seems somewhat unethical or would be seen, in a professional light, as being a cop out. Then again, how long was PS Home in beta? heh

HarryMasonHerpderp2011d ago

I understand a few bugs but people couldn't add funds to their account and the store wasn't recognising PS+ members, then you have the crashes and slow loading on top of that.
You would think that they tested for these things BEFORE launching it to the public.

Karum2011d ago

So you think they didn't test the ability to ad funds to your wallet?

Read the posts made above yours, it can perhaps give you a bit of an understanding as to how this stuff works.

For instance the whole thing relies on 2 things, software and the network. The software portion of adding funds to a wallet may well work ok but when you release this to millions of users, something that isn't up to scratch which simply can't be identified in closed testing has a knock on effect to the system that handles wallet funding and transactions in general.

It doesn't mean that feature wasn't tested.

BlaqMagiq242011d ago

Probably working out the kinks. Itll be up and about again in no time.

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