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Assassin's Creed 3 on Xbox 360 and PS3 was 'almost a miracle'

Assassin's Creed 3 is built using the principle 'give and take', as Lussier explains 'we didn’t find a secret switch in the 360 or PS3 to make it go twice as fast.' (Assassin's Creed III, PS3, Xbox 360)

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aquamala  +   1045d ago
current gen consoles are maxed out, no surprise here
doogiebear  +   1045d ago
Tell that to the Fox Engine
Grap  +   1045d ago
tell that to engine who can render 2000 characters in one screen. yes Anvil Engine is a miracle.
Irishguy95  +   1045d ago
The PC lols at you. Those Demos where on PC. YOu can hope the console versions are equal.
wastedcells  +   1044d ago
True I think it's the engines that are being pushed hard. They can add, alter and optimize them but only so much. The cost of a new engine is huge and I think developers would rather put there money into next gen.
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lastdual  +   1044d ago
Let's wait until we actually see a Fox Engine game running on something that's not a PC.

Anvil has been a very impressive engine for this gen. While the first few AC games had noticeable frame rate dips on the PS3, since Brotherhood they've basically achieved parity, so AC3 should be a great experience on every platform.
Neko_Mega  +   1045d ago
Really? For some reason developers of PS3 only games seem to find more power in it. AC3 looks alittle better then Skyrim, which they both look not as good as most of the PS3 only titles.

Heck Halo 4 looks better then this, so it makes me wonder if theirs something 3rd party developers don't know or are not aloud to do.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1045d ago
There is a difference between optimizing and still finding "more power".
QuantumWake  +   1045d ago
I don't see a lot of PS3 exclusives rendering 2,000 NPCs in a single battlefield, or open-world environments the player can explore.

Different games, engines, rendering targets, art, budget, etc..
Rubberlegs  +   1044d ago
Halo 4 isn't a sandbox game. A game like AC3 has so much more content on screen that needs to be rendered compared to Halo or any game that isn't a sandbox.
krisq  +   1044d ago
Heavenly Sword was close.
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nukeitall  +   1044d ago
There is always power to be had until you code in binary, then of course there is still ways to find more power.

The question is NOT, is it maxed out? Rather, is it worth optimizing!

What non-programmers don't get is that it's about result vs time/cost. If you put all the time in the world, you can likely get a Wii game looking close to an Xbox 360 or PS3. Putting in the time though and cost is another story though.
Tr10wn  +   1044d ago
most of those "PS3 only games" as you call them, are linear with not much open world, Skyrim is a massive world with a lot of detail same goes to AC
Crazyglues  +   1045d ago
Their maxed out for the average developer, but the real big dogs, are always going to find a way to push the envelope pass the edge.

This is a classic example of why really good teams are important when making these type of games...

I bought this game day-one just because of how they seem to be pushing pass the limits of what we normally see in a video game..

I love when it looks like a game company put a lot of work into making an amazing game...

This should be one amazing game.

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andibandit  +   1044d ago
The developers are getting better and better at fooling us. At this stage it has little to do with power and more about noticing what they are removing in order to achieve a certain graphical fidelity.
MxRBrobaFett  +   1044d ago
What the hell is that drawing there on the bottom
fighisimo  +   1044d ago
maxed out? what are you talking about, AC doesn't change a bit since this Gen came out, graphically it looks outdated already.
CDzNutts  +   1044d ago
Equal 31/31 Agree-Disagree on that. Odd...
r1sh12  +   1044d ago
there are too many misconceptions here,
yes the actual CPU and the SPU are unlikely to be maxed out for a while, but the graphics cards and RAM are where the issues occur.

What @wastedcells said about optimisation is true, you can only go so far if you physically cannot get past a certain point.
calibann  +   1044d ago
Consoles are literally slowing down the games industry. If consoles didn't exist, we'd have near enough photorealism in every game, because everyone would be developing for PC.
Syntax-Error  +   1044d ago
Then why hasn't PC done it yet? Wanna know why, because consumers can't afford the technology. The only technology doing that now is used in movies. This generation is going to last 8 years and the next even longer. That is amazing IMO. It's true what they, there's no satisfying you spoiled brats. I love both consoles and I am dying to see what's next. MS and Sony are going to achieve great things and personally, I hope they continue to give us their best. I am sure the wrongs they have done in past will be corrected the next go around
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cogniveritas  +   1044d ago
Developing for consoles gives developers a safe bet of stability for at least 5 years to know exactly what hardware they're developing for. Sometimes sacrificing accelerated progress is necessary for fortifying efficient coding and optimization during the period of stability or it will soon catch up to everyone later.

The PC only developers can push ahead alone if they choose, but they have only chosen to go ahead at a pace they can afford and are comfortable with.
calibann  +   1044d ago
CONSOLES ARE JUST £200 GAMING PC's. I'm talking about developers spending way too much time coding for xbox AND ps3 AND PC at the same time. Consoles are essentially just shit PCs. If developers had ONE system to work on, the games industry would evolve at a much faster rate.
cogniveritas  +   1044d ago
The idea of developers having one system to work on and code for is what companies like Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and others had in mind when they created their own consoles and put in place first party developers to create games for them. It has already happened, and over time they create better products for the aging hardware. Sony developers only develop for Sony consoles but it doesn't cause Sony hardware to advance any faster. Same for Nintendo & Microsoft. The evolution can only move as fast as the consumers who can afford it.

Third party developers are certainly not responsible for holding anyone back. And PC developers aren't being held back by anyone but themselves if they feel they can't advance. If any PC developer wanted one system to develop for they they would essentially become a first party developer for a standardized specification PC... or a console.

Also, if things moved as fast as some would like it, alot of these $1500 - $2000 PC's would just as soon be a $hit PC as well unless upgraded.
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theWB27  +   1045d ago
I don't see anything he said wrong. He stated as consoles they had problems. As powerful as the PS3 is there may be some things it doesn't really do well and they made it work. If a PS3 lover gets offended then it's hilarious.
aquamala  +   1045d ago
at this point most of the developers time are spent on how to make their game work on consoles that only have 512MB (of system and video) memory. time for next gen already.
mochachino  +   1045d ago
Sorry, I think my PS3 has been a great console but calling the PS3 (or 360) powerful in this day and age is a complete misnomer.

Being the more powerful of two very underpowered consoles doesn't make it powerful, it makes it less underpowered.

PS3 is no longer powerful, it's just way too old.
Tres21  +   1045d ago
thank u thats lik tha smartest thing ive heard on here, the only thing i think of is how powerful pc's r but they do need sum kind of benchmark(usually consoles) cuz its hard 2 make games with new & better piece coming out all the time & im starting to wonder when the new benchmark is set by the new systems how will it really change gaming guess we'll hav 2 wait & see
neogeo  +   1044d ago
My son is 5 years old and loves to play games. He started with Mario and now even likes RPG's when we play together. When he asked me where ps3 came from I explain it was made long long ago almost 2 years before you were born son. "wow dad thats old"
Then I get mad and say DA POWER OF DE CEELLLLZZZ!
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black911  +   1045d ago
Take PS3 Out Of The Title!
Neonridr  +   1045d ago
Funny how they made no mention of the Wii U version. My guess is the Wii U version was held back by the 360 and PS3 versions..
KwietStorm  +   1045d ago
My guess is it wasn't mentioned because it had no relevance to the article, much like your comment. I could just as easily say the PC version is held back by everything. Ok. Now what?
Neonridr  +   1045d ago
How does it have no relevance to the article? They were talking about the consoles reaching their extremes and if not for AnvilNext, this game would not have been possible with the technical limitations of both systems. I was mereley wondering where the Wii U stacked up in all of this. It would have been interesting to learn their point of view on how it was performing on the Wii U.

As for the PC, if it's not developed from the start on the PC, then of course it's held back. PC's never have any relevance with console gaming because no console can ever match a PC gaming machine because by the time the console releases, PC's have doubled in power.
jd666  +   1045d ago
They've shown gameplay footage from both versions and they both look stunning so what is the argument here exactly? Just the usual 1 bubble fanboys mouthing off no doubt!!!
medziarz  +   1045d ago
It boils down to them having to retire their original assassin's Anvil engine and develop a new one that is more capable.
While their main competitor calls this daring move "counter-productive" (CoD), this benefits them hugely: on one hand the current-gen franchise made a technical leap forward instead of stagnating, which counters consumer fatigue; on the other hand the company is already prepared for next-gen and can jump-start out of the gate.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1045d ago
Lol dosent matter this game is gonna kickass on either system.
DigitalAnalog  +   1045d ago
Wow, so basically one feature like placing tracks on snow can take 2 FRICKEN YEARS. I guess game development really is a whole different ballpark then we originally thought.

BTW, all this "maxed" out bullshit has got to go. It's how you use the system's resources to deliver your game experience that makes up the true "potential" of what the game is rather than how the technology behind it works. Until this day, I have not seen a game this gen that can replicate the experience of SMG 1 & 2 and these are Nintendo Wii games.
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Shaman  +   1045d ago
It does take alot to get something like snow deforming work when you are making open world game with dynamic time of day and weather system and where every kb matters. Whenever snow deforms it takes bit of processing time to deform mesh and than some memory to stay that way, its not easy as you think.
DivineAssault  +   1045d ago
Its time for nx gen.. Everyone knows it.. These systems have limits & all will too but its 2012 now.. The nx gen monsters will 60fps 1080p a game like this w no problem.. Something the wii u shouldve done.. I believe its capable but the devs dont want to put too much effort into polishing it to perfection...
Neonridr  +   1045d ago
not when they build it for the 360 and then port it over. Games need to be built from the ground up to truly take advantage of what it can do. But can't complain too much, it at least is getting the game.
sandman224  +   1044d ago
I'd be happy if everything was mandatory 60 frames per second and at 720p. It would be nice if I could play gears of war and uncharted on my 51" plasma with no motion blur from the game only outputting 30fps. It makes the world of a difference. That's one big reason call of duty is on fire every year. Us console gamers get the shaft because our hardware is pooh.
kingduqc  +   1045d ago
about time we get next gen, Kinda want my new rig to shine instead of being hold back...
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MasterCornholio  +   1045d ago
Cant wait for the gen after the next one. By then the PS4 and XBOX720 will be extremely powerful compared to the previous gen.

Aint i confusing?

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whitesoxfalife1976  +   1045d ago
no you sound dumb ass hell pimpn
mt  +   1045d ago
I wish that because I am not planning on buying the game, the gameplay isn't fun anymore. last AC game I played is 2, hopefully changed has been made so I could be the AC3
TBONEJF  +   1045d ago
AlucardFury  +   1045d ago
No mention of the WiiU means it handles it nicely, I think this will be the version I pick up.
neogeo  +   1044d ago
I have already seen in running on WiiU looking way better then PS3 and it was off screen and ps3 had a direct feed and still looked worse. check out the color and the window when he turns the corner. pause at 53 seconds. Look at how low res it is on ps3 and its a DIRECT feed VS off screen!

sly-Famous  +   1044d ago
I think yo are mistaken, I have seen it run on both PS3 and WiiU at our expo and there is little to no difference.
mayberry  +   1044d ago
I wonder why people always like to say how ' underpowered ' the ps3 is when it is still putting out amazingly technical games? Even the majority of P.C. games dont give me what some ps3 games give me in graphics, A.I., hit detection, sound, immersion, etc... Killzone 3 is an older game, and I dont se EVERY game released after it look as good, play as good, sound as good asit does. Untill EVERY new game released does, I dont need a new box. Killzone 3 has awesome graphics, superb hit detection , large well designed maps, true all digital 7.1 surround sound, superior A.I. great soundtrack and on and on. Plus it's in 3D. Like I said, when the majority of games released have these attributes, I dont want a PS4 yet.
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thawind  +   1044d ago
Man they definitely put a lot of work into this Assassin's Creed 3. I will be picking it up day 1.
thedon8982z  +   1044d ago
This is what i like to hear at the end of a console generation,as big as the transition was from the prior generation to the current one was,we should be hearing more talk like this from all the developers;because the simple fact is by pushing current tech this hard these lessons learned can be expanded on and improved in the "NEXT GENERATION".
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HilaryWayne22   1044d ago | Spam
OmniSlashPT  +   1044d ago
Most people here have only seen Uncharted's and Killzone's graphics through youtube and don't know how the real thing looks like. As I said before in a post, the Uncharted 3's desert sequence is perhaps the most visually impressive segment of gameplay of this generation. Just look at Beyond and TLOU. And even GoW Ascension. The PS3 is at the end of its life cycle, but it still has some power.
Tontus  +   1044d ago
No, the opening 40 minutes of God of War III looks like a CGI film, nothing else comes remotely close to climbing on Gaia whilst fighting the horse-crab-monster and the Poseidon battle, especially not a bland desert setting with absolutely nothing going on, that was the worst part of that mediocre game, It completely ruined the pacing and was absolutely boring, it should have been skip-able. It's just needless spectacle over substance which Naughty Dog has become known for and it's not a good thing at all.

And if anything Youtube makes Uncharted's and Killzone's graphics look better because they hide all of the ugly jaggies in those games because they lack great AA like God of War III had due to the custom MLAA system.

I don't know why you say "even God of War: Ascension" when nothing has even topped the 2010 game God of War III yet? The Last of Us really isn't impressive if you watch the demo in 720p full-screen and Beyond is more or a film than a game and aside from fantastic character models it still doesn't look better that amazing.

God of War: Ascension only has to look a little better than GoWIII to be the best looking game on consoles this generation and it looks significantly better making it easily so, it'll max out the PS3 the most like GoW2 and GoW:GoS did on their platforms.
violents  +   1044d ago
It sounds like your mad that those games look good.
aquamala  +   1044d ago
You think most people here haven't played uncharted??
Muigi  +   1044d ago
I think it should say "Getting AC3 on Xbox 360 was almost a miracle". PS3 can handle this game no prob...
aquamala  +   1044d ago
That's clearly NOT what they said
iHeartHelloKitty  +   1044d ago
PS4k :)
Nac  +   1043d ago
It does look good.

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