Gaming isn't doomed, hardcore gamers are just getting bored

Vince of gives us his insight on the state of the industry, a gamer's introspection.

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NastyLeftHook01980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

speak for yourself, as a hardcore gamer im looking forward to

1. the last of us
2. beyond
3. assassins creed 3
4. dead space 3
5. mass effect 1 (ps3)
6. watchdogs
7. gta 5
8. god of war ascension
9. bayonetta 2( wii u)
10. dayz

Vinc3601980d ago

So am I! But in the grand scheme of things, a lot of these games are actually sequels that look a lot like their predecessors, a new console generation, among other things, could help the industry as a whole move forward if you ask me. I think the WOW factor is pretty much gone for most gamers, 7 years into this generation. A lot of people are simply not willing to pay 60 dollars for a brand new game anymore if they feel like they've already played it. Don't get me wrong, I'll get every single game you mentioned right there, but it's getting to the point where I'm also ready for the next step, you know? Watch Dogs, for example, looks absolutely amazing, and it's one of those that looks especially next-gen. Just imagine how good AC3 would be on a more powerful system as well. Having played it, it's absolutely fantastic, but an even bigger scope and new mechanics would shine even more on a more powerful machine.

NastyLeftHook01980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

i can see your point in what you said about new ip's, i always love a new system that comes with amazing ip's and almost always there generally fresh and cool.

imagine a battlefield, 3 scenerio...

.hot weather/fatigue
you can lose a limb
blow up everything!
the body's stay
when you come in contact with a nother enemy you can choose a fight scene scenerio x to stab ect...

EDIT ;yes, and other companys will follw and it will set a standard that we thought once we could never had achieved in gaming, and it will be standard. these are remarkable times.

Vinc3601980d ago

Exactly! That kind of scenario would feel fresh and the sheer scale of such a thing would really make the experience even better, right now we see a lot of games that give the ILLUSION of an epic battle and a huge scale with great backgrounds and everything, but making those backgrounds accessible and expanding the scale of games like this would totally get me excited as a gamer. It may seem intimidating to have a larger scale for new gamers, but as I mention in the article, older consoles could just drop in price and serve as an entry point and educative experience for those people!

neogeo1980d ago

I agreed. I don't say wow often enough. Snes made me say wow. Mario64 made me say wow. Uncharted made me say wow. I need more wow in my life.

back to porn.....

and porn has lost it's wow.

Detoxx1980d ago

9 out of 10 games on your list are perfect games for a casual gamer.

Ask yourself, will these games challenge you as an hardcore gamer?

As a hardcore gamer myself I would love to have more games like DayZ, I love a challenge

Sheep4life1980d ago

"9 out of 10 games on your list are perfect games for a casual gamer" Everyone has their own opinion about who a casual gamer is. While we are talking about it, my opinion of a casual gamer is anyone still playing a Wii or someone who plays on a mobile platform (ex - mobile phones). Any single player game over 10 - 20 hours is hardcore, and any game with a robust online offering is hardcore. If you want to make a name for yourself, go find games like Demon souls or dark souls to see if you belong with the crowd, or be an elite top 5 guild in WoW or EQ back in the early 2000's to current.

ChickeyCantor1980d ago

" Any single player game over 10 - 20 hours is hardcore"
So Tetris is hardcore?

Got it.
( Everyone needs to stop with the goddamn definitions. It makes you all look like tools )

kesvalk1979d ago

single player game over 10~20 hours with robust online offering? seems like cityville to me....

when will you guys understand that what is hardcore is not the game, but the gamer, and he/she can be hardcore on ANY game.

NewZealander1979d ago

what exactly is a hardcore gamer? i mean people throw the term out there all the time but really it just sounds like a sad attempt to be part of some cool crowd but nobody knows the rules.

i own over 80 games that cover every genre imaginable, am i casual because ive played viva pinata and banjo kazooie or hardcore because ive played halo and rage etc?

i need guidelines apparently!

Kurt Russell1979d ago

No such thing as a hardcore gamer... there is nothing hardcore about sitting in a docile state with a controller/keyboard in your hand. Replacing "hardcore gamer" with "elitist nerd" and you're forming more factual sentences.

Base jumping... anyone busting that I would consider hardcore.

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FragGen1980d ago

+1. Lots of great stuff just out or on the horizon. As for sales: It's the world economy plain and simple!

StrawHatPatriot1980d ago

Those games will be awesome, I'm looking forward to The Last of Us and Beyond as well, but gaming itself is becoming stale.

Many of the games either look the same, play the same, feel the same, or can fit in the same genre. Like will "The Last of Us" really be THAT different from Uncharted? Beyond is gonna have the same dark feel that Heavy Rain had, and might have QTE's.

It's like, where's the variety? Where's the fiction you know? You never get action adventure/action RPG games like The Legend of Zelda on the PS3, based on a fictional world. Heck, there's like only two or three major retail platformers that are for the PS3 (LBP, Rayman Origins), too many shooters or games that try to be serious.

Phoenix-Ho-Yoku1980d ago

The last of us is a survival game while uncharted is a third person shooter-adventure so yea it is different just because the last of us is using the same engine uncharted is using doesnt make it similar.

Phoenix-Ho-Yoku1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

double post sry

BananaEatingSquid1980d ago

That's a fear of mine, that The Last of Us is going to have the same feel as Uncharted. I love Naughty Dog and they're definitely one of my favorite video game developers, but this generation has become... the same stuff over and over.

Sheep4life1980d ago

I agree with you there. There are still plenty of games to be played this generation. Gamefly keeps me pretty busy these days with their 15 dollar blowout on all used games (in fact, there is one going on right now ps3 xbox wii).

Griffin48711980d ago

Why'd you have to mention Wii U for Bayonetta 2? That was pointless.

wastedcells1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

I agree, if your bored get a PS3, there are a ton of new experiences and great new hardcore IP's. Forget fanboy bullshit and diversify your gaming experience. But new consoles are a welcomed change.

sdplisken1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

My top ten:
1.MGS Ground Zeroes
2.From Software's next "Souls" game
3.The Last of Us
3.GOW: Ascension
4.Dead Space 3
5.Beyond: Two Souls
6.Tomb Raider
7.Bioshock Infinite
8.The Last Guardian
10. Mass Effect 1

Campy da Camper1980d ago

Infamous 3 is one of my top game anticipations. I friggin love the series. Plats in both and 100% on FoB

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Clarence1980d ago

Funny it's not the gamers who say that gaming is doomed. It's the media and these analyst that keep saying gaming is doomed.

Captain Qwark 91980d ago

exactly lol. i am quite pleased with gaming at the moment, ive played some really great titles this year and still have halo 4, wwe 13, and far cry 3 to look forward too

Vinc3601980d ago

That's true, to a certain point. I certainly see a lot of gamers that comment about this type of things, and the sales numbers speak for themselves, software sales have been dropping for the past few months/years and I'm getting sick of people blaming the economy. Look at the amount of people buying the iPhone 5 when they already have every iteration of the device that came before! Lots of people have the money, but simply crave a bit more innovation or at least evolution in the games industry. I freaking loved dishonored, personally, I gave it a 9.6 on our site and called it one of the best games of this gen. Why? Because it felt fresh and interesting! I think a new generation would re-energize the market and inspire developers to create fresh new experiences, and I'm not talking about fitness or cooking games!

Munnkyman1980d ago

I have found that this generation and havent played games like I used too. I thought it was because I was getting older, but in reality I was getting bored. I don't seem to have as much fun playing games anymore. Even though I stil do play since its still a huge part of my life

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Bumpmapping1980d ago

That's why there is a PS3 and PC to cater to our needs.

ShaunCameron1980d ago

Nope. They're not offering much except higher-definition retreads of what's popular.

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