AC3 Dev: Whole Start of the Game will be a Surprise

Assassin's Creed 3 developers are teasing that there is a big surprise in store at the very beginning of the game.

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MxRBrobaFett1917d ago

Now I won't be as surprised about the surprise knowing that there will be a surprise...

Burning_Finger1917d ago


Connor is actually a terminator? XD

MattyG1917d ago

A "screenshit". Not a lot of faith in his product, eh?

gaffyh1917d ago

LMAO sorry about that guys. hehe.

Psycho_Mantis1917d ago

"we've never shown a single screenshit from it"

LOL! Someone didnt spell check that. :P

vortis1916d ago

So there's still something to play after having the nautical battles spoiled, and the weapons spoiled, and many pieces of the plot spoiled, and the combat spoiled, and locations spoiled, and the hunting spoiled, and the ecosystem spoiled?

Well dang, that's pretty good then.