PlayStation Mobile Is Still a Letdown After All This Time

Time - For a company that once denied the threat of smartphone gaming, Sony showed a lot of foresight when it announced PlayStation Suite in January 2011.

PlayStation Suite, now known as PlayStation Mobile, was supposed to bring console-quality gaming to “certified” Android smartphones and tablets. Sony understood, or so it seemed, that hooking as many people as possible into its gaming platform was more important in the long run than selling devices.

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sinncross2076d ago

I think the lack of trophy support for launch has some devs waiting. Because Sony showed off a massive list of devs who were supporting the endeavour.

In all honesty, even if it does not bring many unique games but lots of multiplatform smartphones games then I am fine with that. Something like Dead Space Mobile or Chaos Rings (among others) would be great to have on the PSV.

yesmynameissumo2075d ago

Glad they're working on leaderboards and trophies. Once they are implemented, I'll bite.

extermin8or2076d ago

"all this time" what 1/2 weeks??! wtf?

Baka-akaB2075d ago

He is probably counting the timeframe in wich it was announced ..

Still ridiculous even so

Burning_Finger2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

The author lives in the future. lol

But hey, All Playstation brand gotta have doom and gloom article. It's now requirements here on N4G.XD

GribbleGrunger2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

In order to write an eye catching headline the author decides to exaggerate and suggest that PSMobile has been out a long time, whilst being safe in the knowledge that people will automatically deduce that he's including the announcement as part of that exaggeration. That is stupid, but this ambiguity is deliberate. This article is written for everyone BUT a PSVita owner.

But I have inadvertently fallen into the trap as many others will. We have gotten so fed up of negative articles that it is now our fault that this will reach the top of the page and so be seen by the very people this article was written for. It's a sweet, sweet irony for those that hate.

Could we ignore these in order to stop them reaching the top? It's a challenge that I myself have failed on many occasions. I have tried, but there's something about the fair minded person in me that feels compelled to reply.

We need to learn to ignore these articles. Can we do that?

GribbleGrunger2075d ago

I've got to be honest and say I don't know. Which of course means that I'm guilty in part for the perpetuation of Sony negativity.

extermin8or2074d ago

Hmm I know what you mean; sony doom articles are ridiculously popular; and I know they are having financial difficulties but tbh some of the conclusions people are getting in these articles are a joke lol not this one per se but the once sayign they will leave hardware blah blah blah are borderline funny; for the gaps in logic- I'm not actually all that worried I mean yes the vita could and tbh should be selling better; part of the sales issue is sony's lack of pushing it recently however I suspect a larger part of it is morons writing doom articles and the media in general just being difficult-PS3 had a similar issue, everyone always 'hates' the best or most popular suff although in the case of Activision I think it's justified lol but I digress. What really annoyed me was when vita's price was announced everyone was like "yay look at the value for money it will be" then the 3DS WHICH FOR WHAT IT IS/WAS WASN'T WORTH IT'S LAUNCH PRICE AND I'D ARGUE STILL ISN'T WORTH ITs RRP. Then suddenly the vita was overpriced etc; I agree memory cards are abit ott but otherwise the machine is clearly far and away worth it's price; also people who compare it to phones pretty much all quadcore phones are double the price of vita and still not as powerful-end of.

rainslacker2075d ago

He also states it was supposed to bring console quality gaming to mobile devices...which isn't it's actual purpose, although it could serve to do something like that, but probably no more so than the google store or iTunes.

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SpinalRemains1382075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

No letdown

Dits2075d ago

The sky is falling! 1 week has passed and PS Mobile has no games!!!

smashcrashbash2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Try this

It's supposed to be challenging and fun.

And could we at least give it a month before you start the griping?

spongeboob2075d ago

I have the game and it is very fun and challenging. It's like the classic defender game only underwater and with cats. You can't go wrong with water and cats. lol

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