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r211771d ago

Those vita numbers hurt my eyes XC Sony, do something about this!

Neonridr1771d ago

I find it amazing how the PSP can still sell over double the total units of its successor.

I also find it amazing how many PS2's and DS's continue to sell.

Wow the 3DS is a tank in Japan. If you add sales of the XL and regular 3DS, it's more units than all the others hardware types combined!

r211771d ago

Yup, 3DS is still taking up most sales and of course the ps2 is still selling, its the king of all consoles :D

ritsuka6661771d ago

| PSV | 6.134"

Sony, there is no limit to their arrogance, and they truly deserve all this shit for abandoned the market of Japan.

TheLyonKing1771d ago

All the numbers are bad though 360 had a boost.

It is getting nearer the holidays, maybe everyone's waiting for something to happen in Japan.

Neonridr1771d ago

It's funny when you can say that 80,000 3DS units sold is a bad number..

TheLyonKing1771d ago

Haha sorry didn't see that.

Nintendo handheld continues to dominate.

G20WLY1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Actually 360 was down over 50% on previous week. Not that it really matters that much, as people don't generally look at 360 numbers for Japan anymore anyway.

Gr811771d ago

Doesn't look too healthy in its home country.

Sanquine901771d ago

Oké vita is dying ... i have 2 vita's and i even think this is so bad.

CommonSenseGamer1771d ago

It echos the PSP Go all over again however, its not too late to turn things around although, I dare say most consumers may be focussing on other, newer devices come Christmas.

Gordon_Shumway1771d ago

Seems the "Vita is doomed" articles everyone cries about here are actually true. If those numbers aren't doom, what is?

legendoflex1771d ago

But Vita's breaking records in Japan!

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