PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale wants to come out swinging

GamePlanet - A title as curiously maligned as it is anticipated, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale brings brand-centric 2D arena brawling into the HD era. Matt had a chat with game director Omar Kendall, and discovers that gamers weren't the only ones skeptical about the title's viability.

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BXbomber1319d ago

have the beta on ps3 and ps vita, day 1 purchase. this game is addictive as hell and can't wait to get the full release!!

Krimmson1319d ago

You wanna come out swinging?
Cloud, Old Snake, Wander and Crash Bandicoot would've helped throwing those punches.

Relientk771319d ago

I want all of those characters

DivineAssault 1319d ago TrollingShowReplies(1)
AD7051319d ago


although the developers do say that they will most likely make DLC for it in the future that might contain these characters.

wastedcells1319d ago

For sure, they defiantly have some great opportunities for DLC.

Pushagree1319d ago

Lara Croft would have been good too. I know she is not a Sony character, but Tomb Raider would not be where it is without PS2. Plus Nathan Drake vs Lara would have been a pretty good fighting duo much like Nariko and Kratos.

smashman981319d ago

Ps1 my friend, also when crystal dynamics was asked about this they scoffed at the idea kind of sad

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3-4-51319d ago

so no FF characters at all ?

DirtyLary1319d ago

People are never satisfied.

Krimmson1319d ago

Quite the contrary, I'm happy with this game. All of the characters I wanted, with the exception of Dart Feld and Kazuma Kiryu, made it in this game.

However I'm looking at it from a broader perspective. I'm looking at the game through the masses. I played the game multiple times, including most recently last weekend at NYCC.

Everyone enjoyed the gameplay, but couldn't stand the fact that Cloud and Snake aren't in the game. So much that they considered not even buying the game unless they were included.

Stupid? It sure is, because despite enjoying the gameplay, the exclusion of one or two characters is enough to turn them away from buying the game.

But that's the point. A lot of people buy Smash Bros. not because of the gameplay, but because their favorite Nintendo character is in the game. Stupid, yes, but its what brings in the big bucks.

That's probably the biggest problem with a Sony crossover fighting game. PS1 and PS2 was well known for its strong third-party support. So much that it's guaranteed that not everyone would be satisfied. With that in mind, it's probably for the bet that they secure the majority of the potential fanbase, and such great characters would be enough to bring in extra sales, despite how silly that may sound.

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ceballos77mx1319d ago

I wanted all of those characters, but now that Ive played it I don't miss them. I'm actually enjoying playing as Sly, a series that I've never played before so my doubts are gone and getting this one day 1.

Don't be haterz because you're favorite character isn't on the game, its actually fun and I really wanted Crash and Vivi from ffix

ZodTheRipper1319d ago

If enough people buy the game they'll got enough money to buy licenses for crash, spyro, etc.

jujubee881319d ago

Has any All-Stars commercials been on TV or even as an ad on websites?

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