Xbox Live members say Obama won second debate

VB - More than 100,000 members of Microsoft’s Xbox Live online community for the Xbox 360 tuned into the presidential debate via their game consoles. And based on 2 million real-time responses to 70 polling questions, Barack Obama won the second debate.

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Snookies121982d ago

I think they said he won the first as well, at least that's how all the polls were going when they popped up lol.

zeeshan1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Obama did muuucchh better than the last time when Mr 47% dominated. How I wish Ron Paul was nominated :-\

The Meerkat1981d ago

Gary Johnson would have wiped the floor with both Romney and Obama and would have changed the two party system forever.

If only he had been allowed into the debates.

But I agree with you on Ron Paul, he's the best President america never had.

WetN00dle691982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Well here is hoping Obama wins the Election as well. I wouldnt want for Bush Junior(Romney)to run the Country!

zeeshan1981d ago

Lol so true. Im not a huge Obama fan but... I'd vote for him anyday over Mr. Governor. I am one of those "47%" ppl afterall.

Ace_Pheonix1981d ago

Bush Jr? What the hell are you talking about? So what's Obama then? Jimmy Carter Jr? Because, surprisingly, he's even worse than Carter. But hey, if you'd rather see Obama run our nation into the ground, I'll be glad to stand by you and watch it all burn.

paddystan1981d ago

Romney has very equal politics to Bush, they have mostly the same politics. That's why people call Romney the new Bush.

WetN00dle691981d ago

LMFAO!!!! Im digging Bush Jr's Binder Full of Women! I wonder if i vote for his sorry ass he will let me take a peek at this binder.


so your comfortable with your current president sinking the countrys deficit more than the past 45 presidents combined ? Where are the changes he promised as of his elections. Dont be a puppet kid. hopefully your not 18 yet.

WetN00dle691980d ago

Well its kinda hard for a President to try to lift and fix the previous Presidents(Bush) fck ups. And that is a fact! Bush before he stepped down fcked this Country up!

paddystan1981d ago

I'm not American, I don't like neither Obama or Romney, but if I was American, I would have voted for Obama, not the new Bush.

Knight_Crawler1981d ago

The new Bush Jr is not that bad and he is smarter than the Bush Jr.

They only thing that annoys me about the new Bush Jr is that he has no personality and acts like a robot or cyborg. I can the new Bush Jr being one of those puppets with strings.

dazzrazz1981d ago

I would vote for nobody ! Despite what they have to say whoever wins still won't do shit for another 4 years

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The story is too old to be commented.