Old PlayStation Store Versus New PlayStation Store: Quick Speed Test

Here is a quick speed test from iWaggle3D comparing the old PlayStation Store to the new one which went live today (October 17th) in Europe. The new PlayStation Store is scheduled to go live in US next week (October 23rd).

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Mykky1981d ago

The new one is much more fancy than the old one and it is very easy to find what you are looking for in comparison to the old one. You just have to get used to where things lies first. Change is good!

fr0sty1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

You can't really sugar coat going from a 5 second startup time to a 30 second startup time as a good thing. That said, with them transitioning the store to HTML5, updates will be very easy and I expect videos like this will influence those updates as well. They were talking about monthly updates, so I expect to see the issues seen here addressed soon.

Summons751981d ago

yeah sure it looks nice but it's slow and a complete mess. the new search is awful, the loading is so slow and how many things did the guy go through before he downloaded a demo? I like the new design I really do but Sony totally screwed the pooch with the new store.

Change is good, when done right.

iWaggleVR1981d ago

I agree with Mykky in that content is much easier to be found. But I also agree with fr0sty and Summons75 about the loading times/steps (heck, I made this video for a reason ;D).

That said, store layout isn't something you can easily fix if broken, while loading times and the steps things can. So I'm positive things will be sorted out fairly quickly.

Phoenix-Ho-Yoku1981d ago

i got the update,saw the new store then after 10min it went back to the old one...whatever ?

Burning_Finger1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

When they first upgraded the playstation store it was the same thing. Optimization and firmware upgrade where done to speed up the process.


Everyone knows that Europe is testing ground for Sony. So get all the bugs. XD

Fasttrack761981d ago

There's a shock we've got it before u.s

Mykky1981d ago

Yeah finally we are first in getting something. Norway also got Netflix today which is fantastic!

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The story is too old to be commented.